1279 understand violence

violence is just a way
for some people to learn more
about others and themselves

1217 learn to believe

we have lost the skill
of believing

knowing how to believe
is important because
not everything is known

1211 the truth about spies and tennis

spies learn
how to play tennis
if they are tortured
they can image
they are playing tennis
which will completely
occupy their mind
and they will ignore the pain.
if you do not believe me
ask any spy.

1192 smart phones and social media are awesome

smart phones and social media
are the most wonderful innovations
that feed our need to connect and learn.

yes, the content is not so good now
but have trust our talents and our work
and give us time. we will make it great.

1010 iq score is racist

iq scores generalize us
with a single insignificant trait
similar to skin color, age, nationality.

we need to stop
classifying billions of people
using reductive binary tests.

we need to accept
that every human is a genius
from whom we can all learn.

1001 we are limited

to understand
how limited we are
by language
just try to learn
a new language

899 food is information

just like seeing and talking,
eating someone else’s food
is a way to learn about them

896 traditional values

how to love
how not to hate
how to forgive
how to talk
how to cooperate
how to build
how to survive tragedy
how to be happy
how to learn

758 learning and trust struggle

first i learned that depression is an illness,
then i learned that there are antidepressants,
then i learned that antidepressants are tested using a rat forced swim test,
then i learned that a rat forced swim test might be wrong,
and i am still curious but confused
looking forward to what i will learn next,
and i still trust doctors i find on google.

ps. i am not depressed.
i am just using depression as an example of learning and trust.

685 robb elementary school shooting

while i have completely
given up on being upset
over murder of children
i have discovered
a new form of disgust
for the police
which was fucking around with parents
instead of sacrificing their lives
to save the children.

there is something the police can learn
from the parents begging for help.

there is something the police can learn
from john byng.

shut the fuck up about isreal and palestine

if you have never been
a civilian caught up in the middle
of a civil war
and your only knowledge of war
comes from movies and news
then you should kindly
shut the fuck up
about israel and palestine.

you should recognize
when you have no real knowledge
about something
and when you are
programmed by media.

if you want to really learn
about war
then call me at
+381 63 268906
and i will teach you.

poem about selling

selling is like swimming
it takes a lot of time to learn
and is not natural
but if you do not learn
you drown