1228 innovationism manifesto 1

we are made to innovate.

purpose of innovation is to
constantly change everything for everyone.

a single innovation is not a goal.
constant never ending innovation is the goal.

speed of innovation is important.

if innovation is fast we will not adapt.
if innovation is slow we will get stuck.

1217 learn to believe

we have lost the skill
of believing

knowing how to believe
is important because
not everything is known

1178 why is art so important?

i like to look at art
because when i look at art
i am not looking at
many horrible things out there

1041 a very important poem

every time when
i do not write poems
for a long time
i wish to start again with
a very important poem

1098 ai effect on writing

thanks to ai
writing 300 pages about something
that should be said in 3 sentences
will become obsolete.

number of empty words
and an ocean of useless data
will stop to be relevant
making meaning important again.

ai will finally end
the age of blah blah bullshit.

1071 men in skirts

many men would like
to wear women’s clothing
but chose to focus
on more important stuff

905 the truth about racism

racism is the most destructive idea
that ever existed.

it is virus which prevents us
from becoming what we can be.

it directly attacks cooperation –
our most important resource for growth.

747 numbering my poems

numbering my poems
is important
as a reminder to you
that no single poem
is important

703 hollywood v2

imagine hollywood
in which actors are replaced by writers
as the most important
and everyone cares about writing
and writers are paid millions
and actors are just someone
you forget

697 search engine optimization

i write my poems
so they pop up on top of search results
but they never do
the whole world would explode

i am sure someone will say
that i do not know how to do seo poetry
but i am more inclined to believe
that poems can never be allowed
to be so important

691 how power is used

it is more important
to change
how power is used
than to change
who has the power

we will continue
with fake revolutions
and an indigenous gay feminist
will rule over all like an pharaoh

690 why poems matter

my poems
are not important
because i write well.
i am actually
very bad at writing.
my poems are important
because i believe
in what i try to write
with every particle
of my existence.

freedoms we must fight for

freedom to live forever
freedom to not be a citizen
freedom to belong to no nation
freedom to be a philosopher without knowing anything about philosophy
freedom to be important
freedom to have talent without talent
freedom to be accepted
freedom to be completely change everything about yourself every day
freedom to be the biggest asshole
freedom to be stupid and still be treated as smart
freedom to be valuable somehow

most important man in the world

to be the most important man in the world
you first need to be able to
breathe, sleep, pee, and poo


i am 28 years old and
that is already more than enough
i guess its important not to
worry yourself about it too much