1185 single ideology lovers

a reminder
to all those who hope
that a single ideology
can answer all the questions:

it is impossible for
a handful of people
to solve all the problems
of all the people
who will live until the end of time.

972 this is not an ai poem

this poem reflects
all my despair and hope
and is not a showoff project
by a corporate programmer

929 very sad

sometimes i meet people
who are fully dedicated to something
yet they are completely useless.
i hope i am not one of them.

914 a road to god

i hope
one day
i will believe

838 i hope i never become famous

as soon as i become famous
my poetry will be erased
because it is not binary

826 giorgia meloni

giorgia is the last hope
of dying grandparents
living in dying towns

800 before i die

i hope that
before i die
i write a poem 10054

my dad

he survived again.
well done.
maybe he really is
i hope my kids
think i am indestructible

i wrote a poem about yale q&a expectations

i hope
someone asks me
a question
that makes me feel
like someone gets me
you know
what i mean?