710 i want to be a visual artist

i always wanted to be a visual artist
but i was never able to be one
because i have way to many ideas all the time.

i want to test all my ideas very quickly
so i can find the next one
as fast as possible.

visual art is very technical and slow to make
and i can not do my research into the unknown
as fast i want to.

poetry is still too slow
even though
i removed all the style and grammar requirements.

ideal art format for me
would be if someone
plugged in my consciousness directly.

everything else is just so frustrating
and so many amazing ideas are lost.
the need for speed is my technical limitation.

google spell check ad

just like movies
do not really need 3D
poems do not really need
grammar, form, rhyme, and spelling.

they only stop you from
having fun and
saying what you want.

if you stop to fix your poems
you will forever lose
that nanosecond of
divine inspiration.

it is all about speed
which is why
you should at least use
google spell check.

Vinutna Blue Ivy is so very wrong in his Quora answer to What should I never do in writing poetry?

It says:
Short titles is good!
Grammar should is perfect!!
Not use punctuation a lot!!!