1271 thank you for ass cheeks

i am thanking
whoever designed
something so beautiful
as ass cheeks
to hide something so nasty
as an asshole.

maybe it was
god, alines, or nature.
whoever it is,
i am sure they are
very clever designers.

1156 thank you, artists

i want to thank
all the artist
who throughout the history
have tried to inspire us
to reach the mysterious goal
god has set for us.
thank you! you did your best!
it is not your fault
that we do not get it.

1150 the truth, again

our feelings and inspiration
are the only truth
and none of our languages
can share it.

we will never know
the truth of other people
and all we will only know
our own truth.

words like god and love
are just simple lies
that do not come close
to sharing the truth.

1038 finding and losing god

for a short moment last night
while watching a movie
i felt the emotion
commonly called “finding god”.
then i lost it.
it all happened in my head
and it was interesting.

1028 god does not speak

god does not
communicate with us
with words.

words are
our invention.

1119 do we need religious books?

if god wants us
to transform ourselves
into higher beings
by making conscious choices
which ignore our animalistic drives
why would god gives us
a super specific idiot-proof
text manual for that?

1080 fatherhood

god did not make
jesus into a king
but into a bum

1070 another jesus was here?

maybe god sent us
many of his children
but none of them were heard

1051 bible

words are not a message from god
words are our failed attempt to find god
god is not in the words
god is beyond the words

983 failure after failure

we did horrible things
and god had enough of it
and drowned us.

then we built big things
without any meaning
just because we could.

and god punished us
by dividing us with
nations and languages.

then god sent his son
to teach us in arameic
and we killed him quickly.

we wrote his teaching in greek
and wrongly translated it
to all the other languages.

and ever since
we have been killing each other
over what he said.

982 merry christmas

god punished us
by dividing us
into nations
we did not strive
to reach heaven
through metanoia

935 kamikaze design

i have reached
the ninth level of design –
the kamikaze level –
designing products
which can change the world
but do not change it
and instead change few people
who might design products
which change the world.

i can still reach
the tenth level of design,
the god level –
designing products
which change the world.

914 a road to god

i hope
one day
i will believe

801 atheist poem

all my life
i have been searching for god
and every day i am closer

eaten by a lion

i was one second away
from being eaten by a lion.
it was impossible to escape
and my death was sure.
within that one second
i invented a religion
with this lion as a god
which merged with my soul
and allowed me to live forever
in the center of the universe
with everyone i ever loved.

mark zuckerberg conspiracy theory

mark is the name of the god of war
zuckerberg means sugar hill
mark zuckerberg is sugarhill war
he wants to titty fuck a busty

let’s fix it

moving ideas away from each other make people stupid.
this is why i will try to
bring christianity, philosophy, and science
closer together in a single poem:
christianity, like any religion,
is our message to us
which represents eternal questions
which we must answer
so our consciousness mixes
with other consciousnesses in the universe
so together we outlive the universe.
we will reach heaven when
our consciousness wins over our impulses
and forgiveness is an exercise
in our path to heaven.
god is future us and
soul is our consciousness.
the main differences are mainly in terminology.
i hope this makes everything better now.

the awesome idea of christianity

an almighty god
just stood and watched
a bunch of idiots
torture and kill his only son.

his son was begging him for help
but he remained silent
so he could save the entire human race
including the idiots.

someone in a desert
thousands of years ago
came up with this story
and converted few billion people.

well done.


i lack
only one thing
in my life:

make a deal with god

if you are to make deals
make sure you make them
with the right person

make a deal with god!
no one ever said
he does not make deals

if you believe in god
you could believe
in deals with god too

if you can not do it yourself
find the dealmaker
find me…

everybody and everything wants my love

toys from childhood
taxi drivers