1228 innovationism manifesto 1

we are made to innovate.

purpose of innovation is to
constantly change everything for everyone.

a single innovation is not a goal.
constant never ending innovation is the goal.

speed of innovation is important.

if innovation is fast we will not adapt.
if innovation is slow we will get stuck.

1221 career advice 1

there are two types of people:
those who believe
only few are ubermensch
and everyone else
is not and never will be,
and those who believe
everyone is or will be
an ubermensch.

never work for the first type.
give everything you can
to the second type.

1032 everything is a story

in a world
made of stories
the best way to live
is to tell
your own story

1104 death as magic

one of the greatest
magical events in our lives
is when everything
an unimaginable nothing

1077 science vs religion

neither science nor religion
know everything
and what they know
is not directly useful
in our every day lives
so they should
take it a bit easier

1072 all is meaningful

that everyone does
is guided by meaning
they see

996 embrace complexity

you can hate and love
you can be smart and stupid
you can be evil and good
you can have fun and be bored
and everything in between
all of it together
at the same nanosecond
all the time.

do not simplify existence
just because language is limited.

974 the lost west

long long time ago
the west was an idea
which absorbs all other ideas
making everything better.

the west is an idea
in conflict with all other ideas
making everything worse.

this poem relevance

this poem
collection of my poems
all poems i wrote
all poems written by everyone now
all poems written by everyone ever
everything written by everyone ever
everything communicated by everyone ever
everything thought by everyone ever
everything ever

everybody and everything wants my love

toys from childhood
taxi drivers