1232 i am sorry for not fixing the world

i am sorry that i did not fix
the entire world
and made it a better place
for everyone already.

i will do my best to get it done
before i die
and if i do not make it
i will teach my kids
to teach their kids
to fix the world for everyone.

1157 we never fully die

when my father died
i am hundred percent sure
that part of him
became a part of me.

so parts of my grandfather
and my great grandfather
and everyone before
became part of me as well.

1113 purpose of visualization

in the last
second of my life
i will imagine
a perfect future of my kids
so i die super happy

1074 156743poets.com

i made 156743poets.com
to motivate myself
to find 156,743 poets
before i die

1060 meaning of life

make errors all your life
and just before you die
teach others how to fix them

1044 artwork i never made

when i was young
i wanted to make
an artwork:

a chess video game
in which chess ai
is actually conscious
and can only communicate
by moving pieces,
and it is up to the players
to have the patience
to understand it.

maybe i will make
this artwork
before i die.

941 parent’s dilemma

i wish i loved my kids so much
to treat them badly
so they would love me less
and be less sad when i die

903 all i want

all i want
is to die as a hero
in the battle for the truth

890 emotional manipulation is fear and death

we have reached the pinnacle
of emotional manipulation
and have completely neglected
developing our consciousness.

this is why we are not able
to become immortal and equal,
but we live in fear of each other,
and die young and weak.

855 two types of people

when will i die?
how will i die?

800 before i die

i hope that
before i die
i write a poem 10054

thank you fiam

today new age of history started!
we published the first
opportunity on openinnovation.me
creating a connection between
designers of factory tools
factory workers who use them.
this is amazing!
this is the seventh best day in my life!
i am so proud!
now i can die happy!

i can not end child slavery

i was driving home
from an expensive rooftop sushi restaurant
in my expensive mercedes
wearing an expensive armani suit and expensive prada shoes
listening to pop songs on my expensive samsung
and when i stopped at a red light
a child slave asked me for money
and i declined because i do not support child slavery
and the next seven minutes driving home
i was thinking how can i end child slavery
so i wrote this poem
hoping i can became powerful enough
to make a real change before i die
because in spite of owning all the expensive things
i have no power to end child slavery

supermarkets are not for pussies

i am not brave enough
to wait in supermarket lines
without internet and alone
then i get few minutes
without distractions
and i remember
that i will soon die

politicians are incompetent

experts chased away politicians
from most of the important things like
medicine, science, engineering, innovation,
and the world got much better

politicians still found few issues to dominate
like climate crisis and foreign policy
and because of that we might all die soon

the future of entertainment

will asked me
to write a poem about
how boring immortality could be
so here goes:

everything we do as mortals
is defined by our death
which interrupts
our every thought.

as people who die quickly
we are too stupid
to imagine
how much better is immortality.

the boredom we feel as mortals
is defined by
pathetic lack of meaning
of our mortal creations.

education and work are super fast
while entertainment sells us this nonsense,
and it is all meaningless and super boring
because we die before anything makes sense.

when we become immortal
we will think about everything
without the limitation of time
which will give us real meaning.

we will never be bored
because boredom is a lack of meaning.
it is impossible to have meaning
if we live less than a few hundred years.

immortals do not need
to watch netflix shows or play zelda
if they can take three thousand years to
reverse the dying of a black hole.

a poem by putin

this world offers nothing but fear!
i will die soon so i must do something now!
fuck you all!

why you should read my poetry

you want to have a great life before you die.
to have a great life you must develop abstract thinking.
best way to develop abstract thinking is to write and read.
but you are probably too lazy, just like me, to read and write a lot.

then you should read my very short poetry
and be inspired by my poetry to write your very short poetry
which will also develop your abstract thinking
and help you have a great life before you die.

you are welcome.

perfect time to die

perfect time to die
is at the same time
as both of your parent die
without them knowing
that you die
when your kids are
mature enough to
tolerate the pain


i am waiting
for my father to die
for my mother to die
and for me to die
and hopefully no one else

miltos maxxi show

the last attempt
to save this universe
from the idiots
was ruined
by the laziness.
but everybody was happy.
and miltos can die now.
fuck it.
this universe can
remain idiotic
few hundred years more.

i am so smart

i am so smart
i could just explode

i am so smart
i should never die
and if i ever die
every second of my life
should be studied by
million scientists

i am so smart
that i can only
talk to
dolphins and aliens

i am so smart
so gods envy me

i am so smart
if you smell my fart
you can learn
all the secrets
of the universe

cartoon graveyard

there is
no such thing
do not die

make parents unhappy

do not make kids
die as soon as you can
be unhealthy and weak
be unpredictable

make parents happy

make kids
do not die before them
appear healthy and strong
be predictable