734 tourism

tourism could have been
a personal discovery of human diversity

but actually it is about
going to another country
and giving locals a ton of money
to act as our slaves
while we pretend to be royalty
for a week or two.

sorry for such a cynical poem.
i was thinking if i should write it
for a whole week.

i love tourism.
but it is ruined!
but i love it!

732 usa abortion ban

i am very happy
that usa will now become
a perfect christian country.

i am looking forward to usa
helping all the poor
and ending all wars.

listen to rap

will asked me
to write a poem about
politics, current events, and futurism
so here goes:

rap music allows storytelling
which makes it an important step
towards a future in which
we are all immortal and equal

in this future we get the most
out of our consciousness
because we have all the time in the universe
without the distractions of inequality

eminem is an important step
because he helped make rap
the most popular music in the world
making all its messages available to everyone

kanye continued eminem’s work
making rappers
the most important fighters
for the future of humanity

eminem and kanye are helping
to make the future humans immortal and equal
because scientist dedicate their lives
to whatever is on mass media

only rap can make immortality and equality
more popular than mass media
and we can not do anything
without scientists

i love metal, rock, pop, classical,
and some country
but my bet is on rap
because of public enemy


for my whole life
i have been searching for a purpose.
i did not like any of the old ideas,
they seemed superficial and weak,
so i came up with ia48x.

ia48x is a future country
which includes everyone in the world,
in which everyone is equal,
and everyone works to reach immortality.

equality and immortality are
the only true goals we can have
and the only way for us
to fulfill our potential.

if you adopt ia48x as your purpose
you will help bring us all
closer to it.

visit for more.

country defined

country is not
a nation
a language
a culture

country is
a set of rules
applied within borders
defined by politicians

usa is the best fucking country in the world

usa is a seriously fucked up place
but it is still the best
which says a lot about the other places.

it is the only place where
you can be worshiped for doing weirdest shit
and this is why they innovate more than any other place.

for all of you bitches who think china is better
just remember that
you will never be chinese.

for all of you idiots who think eu is better
just remember that obvious fuckups
are better than hidden fuckups.

if you want a better world
fix usa
because it is here to stay.

first metaverse country

at some point
someone will make
the first metaverse country
with its own
passport, taxes, laws, budget,
and people will leave
their shitty physical countries
to join this new
metaverse country.


i am getting a suspicion that
for cryptoassets to grow
no one needs to ruin a small country,
fire half of the employees,
or destroy things.

worst thing ever that can happen to you

to have a baby with
epidermolysis bullosa
in a country
that is neither
too developed to
help you deal with it
neither too primitive
to allow you to kill it