1247 genocide defined

killing 2347 children
is not a genocide
and it is acceptable.

killing 2348 children
is a genocide
and is not acceptable.

1226 accidents do not repeat

all politicians dream
of managing foreign policy
because this is one thing
where little people
can not tell them what to do.

all foreign policy
always ends up killing children.
not one or two,
but hundreds and thousands,
and tens of thousands of children.

and there is zero money
invested in advancing democracy
but there are trillions invested
in weapons that always end up
killing children.

1215 politicians

how many more children
do we need to kill
to prove
that outsourcing
collective decision making
to few elected politicians
is not a good idea

1109 i am a pacifist who loves war

long long time ago
wars made a lot of sense
because they were fought
for the real survival of our children.

wars make no sense
because they are fake
unnecessary clown tv bullshit.

i am very nostalgic
for the good old days of real wars
and i would love to die in sword battle
instead of a hospital bed.

but with sadness i accepted
we will never have a real war again
and i do not have the patience
to be in these fake clown tv wars.

i am not against real wars
which we all love and need
but i am against fake wars
which abuse our need for real war.

1103 children vs travel?

some people
choose not to be parents
because the pain
of loving a child
is too much for them.

but when you ask them
they will tell you
that they prefer to travel.

1087 i want more than 1000 years

if i lived 1000 years i would:
speak 20 languages,
play 5 instruments,
master charcoal drawing,
design and build many houses,
work as a scientist for a century,
start at least 50 businesses,
write 20 books,
write 100,000 poems,
have 40 children,
compete in almost every sport…

1070 another jesus was here?

maybe god sent us
many of his children
but none of them were heard

1011 generalization murders children

in russia vs ukraine war
one child was murdered
every day

930 there is always one more side to take

in business i support the customers.
in a divorce i support the children.
in a war i support all civilians.
in a boxing match i support sport purity.
in a political election i support the people.

733 the truth about abortion

is the most honest metric
for how awesome our society is
if mothers prefer
to kill their children
out of fear of them living in this world
then we are not doing so well.

the better the world mothers live in
the less abortions there will be.

717 children

being a parent is important
because it motivates you to
discover how to expand consciousness
and to teach them to do it
so they can be more expanded than you
which also expands you

685 robb elementary school shooting

while i have completely
given up on being upset
over murder of children
i have discovered
a new form of disgust
for the police
which was fucking around with parents
instead of sacrificing their lives
to save the children.

there is something the police can learn
from the parents begging for help.

there is something the police can learn
from john byng.

русским борцам за свободу

не переставай бороться за свободу
никто другой не даст его вам
если вы остановите детей, ваши дети будут рабами
служение детям детей ваших угнетателей
лучше избавиться от этого дерьма сейчас
или тебе будет комфортно быть рабом
если ты выиграешь, тебя полюбят все в мире
если вы останетесь рабами, никто не будет заботиться о вас
удачи и иди делай беспорядок

BBC is a weapon of dictators

BBC is the best weapon
of stupid and evil dictators.
once BBC starts saying
that people oppressed by dictators are stupid and evil
people get weaker and dictators get stronger.
to fight the dictators
oppressed people, especially children,
need support from the world,
not BBC oppression.
BBC is the best weapon
of dictatorship that ever existed.
how many dictators did BBC create? millions.
how many dictators did BBC take down? none.
check my numbers please.

serbian lives matter

i just want to remind everyone
that just because i have serbian dna
it does not mean that i am
a stupid evil serial killer
ready to massacre
muslim and catholic children
even though BBC says i am

you are a racist

you are stupid to believe
that you are different
from rwandans
who slaughtered children
with machetes.

if you are smart to accept
that you are the same as them
only then
you can feel the fear
that drove rwandans to
cut children in pieces.

if you continue
to pretend that you are
not the same species as them
you will remain
a blind enabler of racism
who only got lucky
to have tax paid drones
do the job for you.

100 % pissed off at my father’s funeral

i was pissed off
7 % that my father died
23 % that I will die
59 % that my children will die
12 % that Irena will die
84 % that everyone else will die

true love

if we really love
our children
we will be complete
assholes to them
so they hate us
and never get sad
because we died


as a father
i was preparing myself mentally
to use my body as a shield
against falling rocks.
i was meditating
about rocks piercing my skin
breaking my ribs and shuttering organs
while I am still keeping the position
protecting my kids under me.
my hands and legs
must not move
even though my spine is crushed.
I was only sorry
about them seeing my blood
so I focused on smiling.

forgive us children

for disappointing you
by not doing more
to make the world better.
we were lazy and stupid
maybe we could have
skipped sleeping or slept more.
i do not know.
if you also
disappoint your kids
just copy paste this poem.

at any point in my life

i would not like
to have my penis cut off
by a cigar cutter
to fall face down and
break my teeth on a rock
to insult someone so much
that they never speak to me again
to have lumbal punction
or to burry my children
while dying of
a very painful cancer
while my wife is cheating
on me with my best friend
who owes me money