851 developing consciousness 1

we should automate
boring physical activities
to have more time for
higher level thinking

we should not automate
higher level thinking
to have more time for
boring physical activities

phunks is boring

phunks is an art project
which is not very original
just like
duchamp’s fountain
picasso’s guernica
alexander mosaic in pompeii
it retells the same old boring story
of telling the boss
to fuck off

coronavirus poem

this is
the most boring poem
ever written

drying off

when i get out of the shower
i first wipe my face
and then my stomach
my ass and legs
while i do this i think
how much it sucks
i was not born
ten thousand years ago
when i could kill people and animals
with random rocks
how boring it is to live
today with all these pussies
with all the luxuries
and this pussy ass internet
i wish i was in cold nature
where i could kill with my hands
or be killed and eaten
that would be awesome
how did we come
from ancient bloodbaths and struggles to
unfriend on facebook?