1262 tucker putin interview

again we are tricked
into being passive observers
of a fake fight between politicians.

as long as we believe
one is bad and other is good
we will be their bitches.

they stage fake fights (like wwe)
to appear important and necessary
while fucking up everything else.

all politicians are bad
because they are not innovating
how to give us more power.

instead they only innovate
how to gain more power
with media, division, and war.

1252 duty

all knowledge
will be weaponized
and used to hurt people
so it is our duty to make
good uses of knowledge
so the bad vs good
is balanced out

1248 thesis poem – crime is a metric or design

the more people are pressured
by a poorly designed inflexible system
the more crime there will be.

so there are no
naturally bad people aka criminals
but only poorly designed systems
which create criminals
out of naturally good people.

designers of systems
(and everything designed is a system)
should be careful
not to make good people into criminals
by making design errors.

bad person aka criminal
is a good person who does not fit
the design of a system
and the system does not want
to listen and adjust to them.

1213 how to never have bad things

all bad things
started as good things
which eventually became bad
because they lingered long enough
and nothing new and better
replaced them.

the only way
to never have bad things
is to always
quickly replace good things
with new good things.

1212 how to make the world better

do not let politicians tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let companies tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let media tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let books tell you
what is good and bad.

the only way to agree
with everyone else
is for everyone else
to follow their own wisdom
and all those individual wisdoms
will end up being the same.

trouble starts
when we try to convince others
to follow our wisdom.
there has never been proof
that this actually works.

1205 corny but true

as delegation of work
our knowledge of reality

we operate virtually
without being challenged
while we make millions suffer
without feeling bad about it

1189 really bad poems

it really is ok
to write
really bad poems
for couple of decades

1177 really bad poems

some of my poems
are really really bad
but if you give them
couple of years
or decades
they will become
really really good

1092 clouds again

as you can see
from my last two poems
and my previous poems
i am very bad at writing poems
about current tragic events
so i will stick to writing poems
about clouds

1014 superstition

the greatest superstition
is to believe that
idiotic ideas are somehow
magically and automatically eliminated
and that bad ideas
never ruin our short lives
and that we are completely
influenced by the best ideas

944 a cloudless day

if you had a bad day
you probably did not look
at the clouds

937 new shirt

did you buy
a new shirt
a salesperson
made you feel bad?

912 good and bad

we can never say:
people are good or bad.
we can always say:
ideas are good or bad.

895 are there absolute values?

i would like that there are no
absolute values,
that everything is good.

but, unfortunately,
there is absolute good
and there is absolute bad.

879 sexual education poem 6

being just a bit scared of sex
is healthy.
when you stop being scared
you will start having bad sex
or even not have sex anymore.

849 methods that do not work

right or left
stick or carrot
good or bad

768 my gesture for che zara blomfield

my gesture for che zara blomfield
is a reminder for me and everyone else
that all people benefit from making art,
that there is no bad or good art,
and that art should decentralize all human communication.
i hope this gesture works out!

748 i did not know what to write about

for few days
i did not write poems
and i felt bad about it.

i wanted to write poems
about credit cards,
my kids as forty year olds,
and some other stuff,
but no poems really emerged.

that is it. that is the poem.

690 why poems matter

my poems
are not important
because i write well.
i am actually
very bad at writing.
my poems are important
because i believe
in what i try to write
with every particle
of my existence.

green tea

i can eat
whatever trash i want
because i drink my
green tea
which destroys
all the bad stuff
and gives me a chance
to live forever
until i eat trash again
few hours later

norman foster sustainability

the nature
of monopolists
is that
they do not want
to let someone else be good
but they must be
the only ones who are good
while they also
keep making money being bad

rio tinto protest critique

every sane person knows
rio tinto are assholes who must be stopped
but protesters made a dangerous mistake:
they created the most powerful weapon
by closing up the entire city.
this weapon will be used by many others
for any cause, good or bad,
and it will always win.
now there is no turning back.

types of great poets

some great poets never wrote a poem
some great poets write really bad poems
some great poems write really good poems

i am very sorry

i read my last 20
or so poems
and they seem to be
really bad.
i apologize
for that.

really bad restaurant

i went to a really bad restaurant
food made me burp like a pig
wine gave me an instant headache
80s madonna music was super annoying
but i did forget that my dad died
for about an hour or so

why you should write poetry

it takes
only few seconds
to write a poem

no one can
really tell if its
good or bad

there is
a tiny chance
kids will have
those stupid
in school
about your poems

while musicians
and painters
need decades
to perfect their

you do not need
any education or training

the less you know
better your poetry
will be

you hardly need
to know how to spell
or even speak

if no one
has any clue
what your poems
are about
this is perfectly

yet poems are
so very cool

just so
very very cool

the first kiss

is as good
as much as
the first sex sucks