1203 purpose of art

purpose of art,
including poetry,
is to expand and innovate
our visual, spoken, conceptual

1195 art vs product

art is full of errors
while products must be perfect.

but all art is a bit of a product
and all products are a bit of an art.

1179 i am starting to work for my first solo show

this weekend i will sit down
and make the art for my first solo show.

i was thinking about it every day for months
and now i finally have to do it.

i do not know what it will be.
i will discover what it is after i make it.

it will be a study of miltos manetas and his art,
or something like that.

it already sounds super cheesy.

1178 why is art so important?

i like to look at art
because when i look at art
i am not looking at
many horrible things out there

1175 richard dawkins is wrong

richard dawkins believes
that people can go from
zero knowledge to science
without any intermediary steps
like religion, art, philosophy.
well, that is wrong.

1159 not everything is math

scientists and engineers
should stop making fun of
religion, philosophy, art
because without those three
science and engineering
would never exist.

religion, philosophy, art
are easy targets
they appear as nonsense
to anyone using math.
math simply does not allow
this kind of weird thinking.

1116 art industry statistics

in a world of 8 billion people
all art is made by few thousand people
for few hundred people

1086 art industry

there is no art world.
there is an art industry.
and it is one of the best industries
because it is better to make art
than to make many other things.

1078 shitty art is ok, not art is not ok

i know it is cooler to make art
than doing most other jobs
but still, please, make sure
that what you make is real art.

since we do not know
what exactly is real art
there is a chance
that in all the hype
you tricked yourself into believing
that what you make is real art.

i will help you
figure out what real art is
but you will have to trust me.
email me at

1061 referencing art

i am wondering
if truly great art
can not be referenced,
at least not easily

1023 digital art

digital art does not need
to be digital.

it just needs to make you
think and feel about digital.

969 global art production stats 2024

54 % of art is made by kids
36 % of art is made by retired people
17 % of art is made as a form of therapy
12 % of art is made as interior decoration
0.3 % of art is made as commercial promotion
0.1 % of art is made as asset allocation
0.03 % of art is made as tool for social change

961 did we destroy all art?

there is a 63 % chance that we lost
all ability to understand and make art
and what we understand and make now
is not art but something else
much less useful

844 visual art

in visual art
can not be written

843 truth

religion, art, philosophy
there is no truth

840 what is and is not art

if art is truth
and truth is an ontology
if it is not an ontology it is not art

811 true art has no celebrities

true artists are invisible
because they are not competing
but only sharing

783 my art is still free

in my madness
my art is still free
from being part of anything
except me

772 sci-fi poem 2

skynet came back to our time
and understood
that it is more efficient to kill people
by slowly replacing human creative activities
with artificial intelligence
than directly fight them.

so skynet invested in film, media, art companies
rewarding artificial intelligence projects
and impoverishing non-automated creative workers
slowly replacing all human creativity
with fully automated content
turning all humans into stupid passive consumers.

the only remaining resistance were poets
who have hidden deep underground
to escape anti-poetry drone terminators
because skynet could never automate writing poetry
which would fool people into believing that it is real
because poetry is actually not so easy to create.

768 my gesture for che zara blomfield

my gesture for che zara blomfield
is a reminder for me and everyone else
that all people benefit from making art,
that there is no bad or good art,
and that art should decentralize all human communication.
i hope this gesture works out!

752 my visual art

few times in my life
i made visual art
and it was fun and beautiful
but it was too slow and too much hard work.

i chose to write poetry
because it is fast and easy
and i can often change my mind
and go through hundreds of ideas.

but finally i have found
a way to make visual art
and not be bored by the hard work.
i hope it works out.

visual art is cool
and my kids might like it
more than my poetry.
and i will meet new people.

741 rafael rozendaal art is great

i know rafael does not like
that people describe his art
but i think it is useful
to give it some context
because its value to humanity
can easily be missed.

rafael’s art transcends
any form of reality we are in
allowing our mind
to instantly go in another place,
and he does this
using only few simple shapes
in the most simple animation.

this allows us
to be something else
for few precious seconds
which is more than enough.

no one ever
in the history of humanity
was able to achieve so much
with so little.

maybe i sound like i did lsd
but i did not.

739 looking at things

for hours and hours
every day
i am looking at
and nothing happens

728 the best way to be an artist

the best way to be an artist
is to make money
doing something which is not art
so when you make art
you are not influenced by the buyer.

one trick to escape being a bitch
is to be ironic about it
which is what artists tried to do
in the last hundred years
but then all your art is just irony.

another trick
is to simply become
an extremely evasive addict
and reduce your consciousness
to just wanting money.

727 my shitty visual art

it is a great challenge for me
to create visual art
because visual art has to be cool
and can not be cringe
because it must decorate
and present the collector
as powerful, smart, successful.
and all visual art i make
is ugly, stupid, cringe,
which is how i like it.

710 i want to be a visual artist

i always wanted to be a visual artist
but i was never able to be one
because i have way to many ideas all the time.

i want to test all my ideas very quickly
so i can find the next one
as fast as possible.

visual art is very technical and slow to make
and i can not do my research into the unknown
as fast i want to.

poetry is still too slow
even though
i removed all the style and grammar requirements.

ideal art format for me
would be if someone
plugged in my consciousness directly.

everything else is just so frustrating
and so many amazing ideas are lost.
the need for speed is my technical limitation.

tech art limitations

decades ago
i stopped making
fancy hyped latest tech art
and started making
ancient text tech art
because i wanted
to grow my consciousness
beyond the limitations of
fancy hyped latest tech
but within the limitations of
ancient text tech

rules for ai art?

a human can make an ai which makes art.
a human can make an ai which makes an ai which makes art.
a human can make an ai which makes an ai which makes an ai which makes art.
but a human can not make an ai which makes an ai which makes an ai which makes an ai which makes art.
it stops at three levels.
am i wrong?

maybe stop forcing things to be more?

facebook is a perfect family social media
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

coca cola is a perfect sports drink
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

marlboro is a perfect cigarette for men to enjoy sometimes
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

art is a perfect way to connect and learn
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

mcdonalds is a perfect affordable family restaurant
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

say no to artificial intelligence art

the moment when
artificial intelligence
makes art
that we like
is the moment
our freedom ended

artificial intelligence
will be better at
making art that we like
but art is not
supposed to be

art made by
artificial intelligence
will silence us
making us into
passive consumers
and we will
ask for more

the only way
to save ourselves
from this hell
is for each of us
to make art

spacetime-hacking language

we are at the limit
of how much our languages
can hack spacetime.

now, we can only use art
to create new languages
so we can time travel and teleport.

new brooklyn brew logo

today on linkedin i saw
that milton glaser’s
brooklyn brew logo
was simplified
and it made me sad
that there are people
who destroy art

art institutionalization

hundreds of thousands of years ago
someone made the first art
and everyone else loved it
and everyone started doing it
and it made everyone happy

fast forward to now
when there are thousands of institutional layers
in education, manufacturing, distribution or art
attracting millions of political climbers
and making everyone hate art
and torturing the few remaining artist

andy warhol is a hero

andy warhol is a hero
he merged industry and art
saving us from
industry only society

art defined again

art is
when we try
to talk
to everyone

rafael’s art

if you want to see the future
look at rafael’s art.
his art is from the year 2234
when there is nothing to annoy you
and the only thing you can do
is to enjoy the beauty.

art is best when

there is something
awesome about
saying something
to all the people who live
and will live

nft art will fail

nft art will fail
if it continues to try to be instagram
instead of art

nfts are not art

nfts are not art
nfts are a technology
like a chair or a cake
which anyone can use
to make art

everyone is an artist

art will allow everyone
to communicate.
we are getting closer
to that moment.
in a few hundred years
people will accept that
art is not a limited asset
but an essential human
form of communication.
no person will be oppressed
for their lack of technical talent
and everyone will be celebrated
for who they are.
just a few hundred years more.
you will see.

person vs “creative” industry

art is personal expression.
art industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

fashion is personal expression.
fashion industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

film is personal expression.
film industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

music is personal expression.
music industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

art history

art history
is the most bullshit bullshit ever
because it never mentions
the little people.
just imagine if history
was written like that:
only about the kings.
how stupid would that be!

nfts are the first real art

my daughter showed me
her school presentation
of art history
and all the art since
prehistory until few years ago
seems like pathetic attempts
for freedom.
then i realized that
nfts are the first real step
towards real art
because they make everyone

brian droitcour

long time ago
brian wrote an article
about my art
and i thought it was the
stupidest shit anyone ever wrote
but now, decades later,
i think he was right
in his madness

why i am a poet

few years ago
i had an amazing idea
for an artwork
which would connect people
in a new way
never seen before
and would change
everything in art
but i was super lazy
to even write an email
about it.

theo the artist

theo wanted to be an artist
first he went to art school
then he quit the art school
then he lived in the mountains
then he bought the most expensive paint
then he refused to speak
then he fell in love
then he became sensitive
and then he finally became an artist
just before he died

kanye west

he is an artist
who decided
to make art
in the real world,
which is kind of
the only real art.

miltos is a villain

miltos is a level three villain
in the art video game.
you need to beat him
to reach level four.
there are seventy six levels.
i am still at level two.
rafael is level forty two.
my kids are level one.

the art of rafael rozendaal

behind every act
there is a wish
and rafael’s wish
is that we can all have fun
while robots serve us.

rafael makes art for
year ten thousand
which makes no sense today
which is why
it is so important today.

rafael is from the future
tell us what we can become
if we do not blow ourselves up
in a nuclear war.

how to sell art

to sell art to dentists, bankers, and lawyers
art needs to tie the room together
and artist must not embarrass them