1245 independence scale

1 alto adige
2 veneto
3 sicilia
4 basque country
5 texas
6 navajo nation
7 catalonia
8 republika srpska
9 kosovo
10 palestine

1242 my social media addiction

i am not addicted
to social media.
i am addicted
to that one in a million person
who is brutally honest.

1240 different life choices

i want twenty kids
i want one kid
i want a life partner without kids
i want a partner sometimes
i only want friends
i want to be alone
i do not want to live

1231 poem frequency

i felt sorry
that i did not write
more poems this week
but then i realized
that when i am dead
no one will care
if i wrote one or hundred
poems in a week.

1226 accidents do not repeat

all politicians dream
of managing foreign policy
because this is one thing
where little people
can not tell them what to do.

all foreign policy
always ends up killing children.
not one or two,
but hundreds and thousands,
and tens of thousands of children.

and there is zero money
invested in advancing democracy
but there are trillions invested
in weapons that always end up
killing children.

1221 career advice 1

there are two types of people:
those who believe
only few are ubermensch
and everyone else
is not and never will be,
and those who believe
everyone is or will be
an ubermensch.

never work for the first type.
give everything you can
to the second type.

1199 how to manage rewarding

do not be an egomaniac
who gives only 1 reward of 10,000 euro
but give 100 rewards of 100 euro.

also it is a bit stupid
to give 1,000 rewards of 10 euro
or 10 rewards of 1,000 eur.

and make sure to reward
everyone in the world
instead of just the people in your village.

1190 how to end israel palestine conflict now

some say that the only thing
israelis and palestinians can do
is to kill each other.

this is the stupidest lie ever.

the simplest way to end this conflict
is that israelis decide
not to only be israelis
and that palestinians decide
not to only be palestinians.

once the idea
that a person must only be one thing
is gone
the need to kill everything else
is gone.

trust me.

1031 internet story 1: elon and massimo

elon is very rich
and he likes massimo.
when massimo was sick
and needed money to get well
elon did not give him money
but he made a subscription feature
so massimo can make his own money.

1047 jordan peterson error 1

we are not like animals
we are like gods

1039 the cost of change

10,000 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
10 people
using 1 unit of energy
to make a change for all of us

1,000 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
1,000 people
using 100 units of energy
to make a change for all of us

100 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
10,000 people
using 1,000 units of energy
to make a change for all of us

a different thinker has to convince
100 million people
using 10 million units of energy
to make a change for all of us

1034 i might give up

it is possible
that one day
i will just give up
on making stuff

1029 not becoming an idiot

i must work very hard
every day
not to become an idiot.

if i relax for just one day
i can become an idiot

978 one of the saddest dinners ever

i had dinner with
three young japanese engineers
at my mom’s home
and i asked them
if they like yukio mishima
and none of them knew
who yukio mishima was

968 wisdom tutorial 5

ideologies and religions
allow us
to share perspectives
with billions of people
building our collective.

but they stop being useful
if they are monopolizing
our consciousness
by trying to be more than
just one of many perspectives.

914 a road to god

i hope
one day
i will believe

888 how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps

step 1 – select terms:
chose words that represent
complex ideas important to you.

step 2 – define terms:
define each term with
one or more short sentences.

step 3 – define relationships between terms:
explain how terms
how they change each other.

step 4 – publish it all online

872 sexual education poem 1

if a guy wants
to put a finger in your ass
this does not mean
he wants a finger up his ass.
you are welcome.

858 the last sex

one day
i will have
the last sex of my life

828 supply and demand automation

no human will ever ask
5,000 euros for one night
in an small apartment in rome

784 one hour after

one hour after
my poems
are not mine
they are written
by some stranger
i might have met
long long time ago

753 critical thinking poem – brushing teeth

why do i need
to brush my teeth
three times a day
three minutes each time?

why not
two times a day
for one minute?

what is gained
with extra one time a day
and with two extra minutes per brushing?

alien report on humans, part 1

humans would rather
suffer the pain of
holding the diarrhea in
to take a shit in public

renaissance v2

this sunday
i have spent
one hour
on writing and sharing
my poetry.
this is much more
than usual
but it is enough
for me to feel
like i started
a renaissance v2.

do not read one poem only

reading one poem only
is as if you watched
the worst and cringiest
7 seconds of
a single marvel movie

life lesson number one

people never
mean what they say.
we must always
work hard to figure out
what they really want.
and it can be very different
from what they say.
if you continue
taking everything literally
your life will be a living hell
of never ending
you will be disconnected
from humanity.

alessio sartore

ask him to do 100 things
99 will not get done
but that 1 thing
is the stuff of legends


no one
moved it
for few thousand

the truth

one day i will
expose the truth
and the whole world
will just crumble down
it will be so
super super cool

happy birthday miltos

one more year
of doing stuff
has passed