1311 i am sorry for pathetic

when i was a kid
i wrote a short story
and others told me
that it is quite pathetic
and it seems that
still today my writing
is a pathetic
and there is nothing
i can do about it.

1285 poems in serbian

i started writing
poems in serbian
and i discovered
a whole new side to me.

i can not wait
to start writing poems
in italian, german, and greek.

1282 first english, than the world

i started writing poetry in serbian
in a separate instagram account.
soon i will start writing poetry in italian.
and later maybe in german.

my ultimate goal is
that people from every culture
tell me that my poems are not poems,
but are actually basic sentences
with random line breaks.

1257 the truth about writing

i have no idea
how i write this stuff.
it just pops up!

i am more or less
just a reader.
like you!

1222 find my secret book online

for many years i have been
writing a book in secret.
no one knows i wrote it.

i published it as a website
but i did not tell anyone where it is
and it is not linked from anywhere.

it is the most amazing book ever written.
when you read it you will change,
you will become something new.

it is up to you to find it.

if you can not find it,
just imagine that you read it,
that you experienced a deep change,
and that you felt truly liberated.

1186 fuck books

just because you
read, own, write, quote a lot of books,
it does not mean you know shit.

books are just a fucking product
made to help you feel smarter than others.
they are a louis vuitton bag.

sure, writing a book
takes a lot of brain effort
but so does masturbating ten times a day.

smart people were much more useful
before books were invented.
they did not need 300 pages to be heard.

if you want to be smart
do not buy things
that make you feel smart.

1098 ai effect on writing

thanks to ai
writing 300 pages about something
that should be said in 3 sentences
will become obsolete.

number of empty words
and an ocean of useless data
will stop to be relevant
making meaning important again.

ai will finally end
the age of blah blah bullshit.

1096 we make the language

language is a technology
developed by everybody
talking and writing to each other,
including my poems

1092 clouds again

as you can see
from my last two poems
and my previous poems
i am very bad at writing poems
about current tragic events
so i will stick to writing poems
about clouds

1048 quality of writing

quality of writing
has consistently improved
over millennia
but is till not
good enough

997 poetry is shit

writing poetry is like taking a shit.
if you are not ready you can not force it.
if you have diarrhea you can not stop it.

966 wisdom tutorial 3

write words with less letters.
write sentences with less words.
write articles with less sentences.

this will focus your writing
on truth and meaning.

863 typical sunday

7 very large meals
90 mins on the toilet
playing decade old games
nothing to watch
writing random poems
lack of distraction from death
total inability to plan

701 manufacturing

i am trying to avoid
socially and politically critical poems
but i just can not resist writing this one.

human race is able
to industrially manufacture anything
using factories and mass media.

we can manufacture any type of a person,
like an elite athlete or a murdering soldier,
but we are somehow running out of critical thinkers.

we could easily manufacture critical thinkers.
that knowledge exists for a century
and it is easier than manufacturing murdering soldiers.

but living on a planet full of critical thinkers
is to complex for us to imagine
so we are afraid of doing it.

but a planet full of stupid obedient people
appears safer and more comforting
no matter what kind of a mess they make.

695 i am still not sure

after two decades
of writing poems
i am still not sure
if i should write numbers
as digits or words

when read silently
the brain hears numbers
in both cases
the same way

it is easier to read digits
but maybe not so pretty

690 why poems matter

my poems
are not important
because i write well.
i am actually
very bad at writing.
my poems are important
because i believe
in what i try to write
with every particle
of my existence.

poetry conspiracy theory 2

it is not a coincidence that
reading and writing poetry fell out of fashion
while manufactured consent grew

i am sorry for my shitty political angry poems

i know i have been writing
a lot of political angry poems
but this is how i feel
these days.
i am sorry for this.
if you are bored by my political angry poems
you can go to nikolatosicpoetry.com
and find my other poems
back when i was not so political and angry
or you can just wait for me to start
writing other poems again.
i can not be political and angry forever.
i am sorry.

where is it all going

i am writing these confusing poems
and i do not know
where they are taking me

it is fun and scary

i need to eat less and exercise more
to stay alive long enough
to see the end of it all

why writing poetry is important

if you accepted
that your true self,
your thoughts and emotions,
should be forever isolated
in the chaotic darkness
of your mind
then you should never write poetry.
i am not saying
that you will ever be
fully understood
by another person
but if you do not write poetry
you will surely never really exist.
it takes so little to write poetry
and the gains are so big
so the only reason not to do it
is if you are afraid
that others truly know you.
but this is very paranoid and insecure.

why is writing hard?

people have been
writing for thousands of years.
everything great
was done in writing.
there are millions of
unbelievably amazing writers.
so it is normal
to feel a bit nervous
about writing.

renaissance v2

this sunday
i have spent
one hour
on writing and sharing
my poetry.
this is much more
than usual
but it is enough
for me to feel
like i started
a renaissance v2.

page 501

most of my poems
are written in a timeline
i have been writing
for the past 23 years.
it is a documentation
of one aspect of
half of my life.
this poem is written
on page 501.


i will never again
be able to write poems
as i wrote them
three hours ago

language limitations

poetry is the ultimate use of language
and i have been writing poetry for decades
and i still struggle with language
because it is so limited and primitive.
using language seems like an incredible compromise
where i lose 99 % of who i am.
i can not imagine how other people feel
who do not have the time to practice as much as i do.
it must be like living in the darkest deepest hole
of loneliness where no one can understand you
and you are forced to somehow
go through your life without anyone
knowing who you are.
it is as if you are a hamster.

reading my own poems

i only read my poems
after i forget
that i wrote them
which is exactly
17 years and 3 mins
after i wrote them.

i wrote this poem

i just felt like writing a poem
because writing a poem
makes me feel
like i did something
really good

writing poetry

writing poetry
is the hardest thing ever
because you have to
intensively think
about death
every day

death again

whenever i have
nothing good to write about
i write about death
it is the easiest
most universal subject
very commercial
easy sale!

funny poem

blind man is touching a grater
and than he says:
who wrote this bullshit?