1161 are you a good writer?

you are a good writer
only when you know
that you will never
fully express yourself
with words,
that no one will ever know
who you are
and that you will never know
who anyone is.

1028 god does not speak

god does not
communicate with us
with words.

words are
our invention.

1098 ai effect on writing

thanks to ai
writing 300 pages about something
that should be said in 3 sentences
will become obsolete.

number of empty words
and an ocean of useless data
will stop to be relevant
making meaning important again.

ai will finally end
the age of blah blah bullshit.

1051 bible

words are not a message from god
words are our failed attempt to find god
god is not in the words
god is beyond the words

1015 99 % of energy

we spend
99 % of our energy
on figuring out
how to put ideas
into words

967 wisdom tutorial 4

using complex words
and inventing new words
is often a way
to lie to others
and yourself.

go back to the source:
use simple words
and you will be more honest.

966 wisdom tutorial 3

write words with less letters.
write sentences with less words.
write articles with less sentences.

this will focus your writing
on truth and meaning.

888 how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps

step 1 – select terms:
chose words that represent
complex ideas important to you.

step 2 – define terms:
define each term with
one or more short sentences.

step 3 – define relationships between terms:
explain how terms
how they change each other.

step 4 – publish it all online

830 expand your consciousness

there are no hardware upgrades
so start upgrading software
using words and images

757 shutting people up

so many people
give up on saying what they think
because for them finding pretty words is too hard.

they are shamed
for being emotional and inarticulate
into being a voiceless.

this is one of the biggest tragedies
because their thoughts are not heard
by their family and friends.

we should work harder
on helping people to express themselves
in any way and style they can.

706 easiest way to help

if someone does not have the words
to explain their emotions
let them express themselves
any way they can
and give them time
to find their words

everyone is smart
but not everyone is eloquent

695 i am still not sure

after two decades
of writing poems
i am still not sure
if i should write numbers
as digits or words

when read silently
the brain hears numbers
in both cases
the same way

it is easier to read digits
but maybe not so pretty

words change the universe

is an exploration of
how words change
the universe.

i can write a word
which is read by many
giving them an idea
which choices to make.

these choices
eventually add up
enough to start changing
the universe.

two word words