1276 democracy is a scam

the word democracy is meaningless,
and is used to centralize power
like never before in human history.

what we are told democracy is
has never existed,
and probably never will exist.

we need a new better idea.

1151 my father

my father was a great man
i can not explain how
there is not enough space here
so just take my word for it

1043 meaning

i really do not care
what a word means
because it will be

1024 dictionary wars

it might be safer
to give a gun to a redneck
than to change the meaning
of the word milk.

954 complexity of language

every word
is spoked by one person
to at least three people:
one other person, themselves, the world.

every word
can have thousands of meaning
but always has at least four meanings:
what the speaker intended to say,
what the speaker revealed accidentally,
what the listener intended to hear,
what the listener revealed accidentally.

805 there is no word for death

death is not a word for death.
it is a word we use because
we are too afraid to be honest about it.

two word words