1267 meaning is subjective

women and men
have a different reason
why they watch videos
of women working out

1071 men in skirts

many men would like
to wear women’s clothing
but chose to focus
on more important stuff

1062 do not give up on us

there is no doubt
that women are
much smarter than us,
but it is very sad
that they give up on us
and just let us be stupid

1059 vanessa’s superpower

vanessa can make
images of sexy women
which are not sexy at all

837 not reporting rape

thank you to all the women
who do not report rape
to preserve our sense of control

nick feinberg

my name is nick
and i am not a prick.
i have a big dick
which makes women sick.
so i learned a cool trick
to be very quick
and then do a little lick
to finish my chick.

women live longer

i think it is a good idea
that women live longer than us
because they have to bother
with our death
and not us with theirs

happy bday mr clarke

when the night is cold
when the evil is too strong
when the volcanoes erupt
and the weak cry for help
when the nation needs a leader
when women need a lover
when men need a friend
when we all need a hero
whom shall we call?
whom do we need?
mr clarke!