1206 i forgive ye, i hope he forgives us

i forgive ye because
i do not think that what he said
is what he meant.

sometimes we should
not take words so literally
no matter how literal they appear to be.

and ye is a good opportunity to
practice not getting excited
about literal meanings.

i hope
ye forgives us all
for taking him so literally.

909 the real goal of ai

the real goal of ai
is not to make
machines like us
but to make
us like machines

905 the truth about racism

racism is the most destructive idea
that ever existed.

it is virus which prevents us
from becoming what we can be.

it directly attacks cooperation –
our most important resource for growth.

866 choose ye that you need?

is he a crazy person
ranting nonsense
for absolutely no reason?

is he a genius
trying to liberate us
from oppressive divisive ideas
sacrificing himself
through extreme provocation?

is he a desperate person
trying to liberate
his and our mind
from programmed
idiotic stereotypes?

is he all of the above?

thank you kanye west

kanye west spent
billions of dollars
millions of hours
thousands of people
only to move us forward
by less than a single percent.
thank you kanye
but we need more kanye.
do not stop!

lets go to war

theres nothing else to do
we are super bored
those people over there
do not like our food
lets kill them
we need more money
they have it
lets kill them and take it
its easier than
selling them shit
lets go to war
because it is fun
most people
are fucking terrified of war
but fuckem
it is fun for us