two groups of serbs

serbian society
is divided in two groups:
pacifists and militarists

both groups
are a reaction to
an extreme trauma – war

they are great friends
because they are both
uselessly stuck in the past


to improve the future
we must forget the past
we will spend the future
constantly trying
to fix past trauma
and this is a waste of time
because we did not invent
time travel

nine levels of racism

zero: not racist at all
who: people living in total isolation from the imaginary concept of race
example: young children and sentinelese

one: individuals aware of race
who: people confused about race by mass media bombardment
example: everyone not mentioned in other levels

two: individuals motivated by trauma
who: people who were traumatized by another race member
example: south african farmers

three: individual racists
who: people who accept that they are in some way racist
example: your childhood friend after three beers

four: organized covert racist signaling
who: organizations with propaganda featuring hidden racist messages out of hope or stupidity
example: most twenty year old hollywood films

five: marketing organizations
who: organizations selling low quality products thinking this is good enough for other races
example: most big brand cheap consumer products

six: exploitative organizations
who: organizations which exploit resources of other races
example: most big companies

seven: mass media direct racist messaging
who: mass media repeating racial stereotypes suggesting other races are inferior
example: most TV stations

eight: covert institutional racism
who: institutions which systematically enforce racism against official laws
example: race targeted police brutality

nine: institutional racism
who: institutions which enforce racism with official laws
example: all governments