1299 hotel towels

i wanted you all to know
that i do horrible things
to hotel towels,
and the only safe place
are belgrade hotels
i do not stay in hotels
in a city where i live

1213 how to never have bad things

all bad things
started as good things
which eventually became bad
because they lingered long enough
and nothing new and better
replaced them.

the only way
to never have bad things
is to always
quickly replace good things
with new good things.

1178 why is art so important?

i like to look at art
because when i look at art
i am not looking at
many horrible things out there

1033 tomato

this poem
is trying to say
some very difficult things
and i really need
your help
in figuring it out,
so please read it well.

1123 i will try

i will try
to write ten poems
not about
pretentious philosophical things

1121 math is very smart

math is
a very smart language
used to describe
very stupid things.

always liked
making very smart things
for very stupid purposes.

1086 art industry

there is no art world.
there is an art industry.
and it is one of the best industries
because it is better to make art
than to make many other things.

739 looking at things

for hours and hours
every day
i am looking at
and nothing happens

alessio sartore

ask him to do 100 things
99 will not get done
but that 1 thing
is the stuff of legends