1096 we make the language

language is a technology
developed by everybody
talking and writing to each other,
including my poems

921 definition of exploitation

talking about problems
without fixing them
kills people

899 food is information

just like seeing and talking,
eating someone else’s food
is a way to learn about them

865 thank you vietnam vets

i would not have understood
the glory of war
without talking to vietnam vets

levels of truth seeking

thinking is useless
you can always think nice thoughts
and still be an idiotic asshole

talking is almost useless
you can say nice smart things
and still be an idiotic asshole

action is mostly useful
because it is hard to fake yourself and others
once it is isolated from bullshit talking and thinking

talking action is a weird option
because talking can be trusted
if it tries really hard to create the right action

cats are smarter

they do not need clothes

they talk only
when there is something
important to be said

they do not restrain
carnal desires

they live in a state
of nirvana by default

they communicate
with their excrements