1258 not a bathroom

if we talk
on the phone
and you hear an echo
i just want to make it clear
that i am not in a bathroom
sitting on a toilet

975 how to spot centralization

centralized power
loves to talk about data
which reduces humans
into generalized data points
who need to be told what to do.

decentralized power
loves to talk.

919 talk about ideas only

it is possible
to talk about ideas only
without referring to
products, brands, and celebrities.
try it now!

896 traditional values

how to love
how not to hate
how to forgive
how to talk
how to cooperate
how to build
how to survive tragedy
how to be happy
how to learn


specialization is just fine
if specialists talk to
all other specialists
as equals

art defined again

art is
when we try
to talk
to everyone

biden and putin talk about ukraine

vlad, i am in deep shit here.
inflation is up, stocks are down.
i need something.

i know, joe.
here they are squeezing me
about my house
and a bunch of other shit.

so what do we do, vlad?

give me a week to
get some war shit going.
that facebook stuff
is not enough anymore.

ok, cool.
but make it a bit scary.
people do not react anymore
to regular war.
be creative.

tractor in the yard

it is there every day
changes colors
something to talk about
over dinner or coffee