917 liking helps

when i like
student architectural drawings
on reddit
i am giving these students
a confidence boost
for the rest of their lives.

no matter how hard their life is
they will always remember
the success they had on reddit
to which i contributed.

767 what it takes

it was always clear
that individual success requires
extreme human specialization
which can only be achieved by mentally ill


the more successful
we are
the better bargaining position
we have with death,

essence of advertising

i want emotion
i want life
i want to change everything
i want to be the chosen one
i want to succeed
i want to be loved
i want to love
i want to become
a nuclear weapon of love
i want to live forever
i will live forever
i will never die
and everybody will love me
every second of my neverending life
will be an extreme explosion
of wonderful emotions
time is nothing
love it everything
because i am buying
this toothbrush