1154 my life mission

i know exactly
what my life mission is:
it is to save billions of people
from stupidity.
i just did not figure out
how to do it… yet.

i miss srdjan jovanovic weiss

srdjan was
the most important
architect today

he was able to motivate
the most arrogant architects
to accept new ideas
necessary for the
survival of the human race
saving all of us
from the stupidity of
self centered architects

now that he is dead
i can not imagine
anyone else being able
to do this

we are doomed!

conspiracy theories

when you do not let people say what they know is true,
you reduce their communication to the stupidity of conspiracy theories

the more people are silenced
the stupider the conspiracy theory is

to make people smart and to get rid of their conspiracy theories
you must honestly listen to them


there is no proof
that long time ago
humans were not
super mega intelligent
and at some point
infected by
a stupidity virus.

you sir

you sir
are a worthless
piece of shit
in the bottom of
my diarrhea
infected by alien
vermin from
a plan which smells
like one big slime
and looks like
negro’s asshole
in a galaxy
which is never
far away enough

you sir
i hate and despise
so much
that when i
just think of you
i go blind
my hair falls off
and my dick
starts to sing
my ass
pukes blood
and i get instant
photographic memory
and can see
through walls

you sir
if you ever die
i will be so happy
that i will
start glowing
in dark
discover the cure
for stupidity
and invent
the character
question and exclamation
all people around me
will become dolphins
and all animals will
learn to do calculus