1264 morality, rules, laws

most of the laws
on this planet
are based on rules
in small asian villages
thousands of years ago

1230 i hate italy

i hate italy because
it has too much good stuff
all over the place
and i must move around for years
to enjoy just a small part of it

1191 universe is ours

when i look at the infinite void
of the universe
i do not feel small and meaningless.
i am not afraid of it.

i imagine how we will spread
to every part of it
and give it beauty and meaning.

1027 never be small

refuse to be small,
refuse to be powerless,
refuse to be insignificant,
refuse to not be able
to make the entire world
the way you feel or think
it should be.

927 lost memories

do you remember
how long time ago
we lived in small groups
and everyone knew everyone
and had real work to do

828 supply and demand automation

no human will ever ask
5,000 euros for one night
in an small apartment in rome

i hate my penis

sometimes it is too big
sometimes it is too small
sometimes it is too hard
sometimes it is to soft
sometimes it is the way i want it
but sometimes not

it is an organ on my body
which is not easy to talk to
i speak to it more than to my liver
but less than to my finger

it is not like an eye
which i can just move
whenever i want to
i hate not having full control
over my penis