stylistic oppression

one way to oppress, coerce, and silence people
is to set aesthetic standards
that only few can adopt

economic sanctions

most people do not understand
what economic sanctions are.

sanctions are more deadly than corona
and can easily last a decade.

a rich country like russia might survive them
but small and poor countries suffer greatly.

in combination with media violence
an entire culture is destroyed slowly in silence.

sanctions are a modern genocide
which punishes the weakest and enforces dictators.

since there is sufficient historic data on the effect of sanctions
i wonder why they are still used.

if politicians had a roadmap to a better world and were smarter
they could have figured out a kinder more effective method.

how to write good poetry

first you have to
take poetry seriously
second you have to
not worry how it sounds out loud
poetry is about silence
third you have to
make a point
pointless stuff just
does not work anymore
fourth you have to
be brutally honest
no more bullshit
no one needs it
good luck!