1031 internet story 1: elon and massimo

elon is very rich
and he likes massimo.
when massimo was sick
and needed money to get well
elon did not give him money
but he made a subscription feature
so massimo can make his own money.

990 are you sick?

if you watch videos
of soldiers being killed
and you do not get sick
you are probably sick
and you have been made sick
by the power
which wants you to be sick
to not get sick
when watching videos
of soldiers being killed

965 purpose of war

when we are sick
but do not want medicine
we must go to war

705 the sick rose by william blake

the benefit
of such abstract poem
is that it describes
a specific conflict situation
which can be recognized
in millions problems
until the end of time.

it is not relevant
why william blake
wrote it in the first place.

only the most
abstract, essential, and immutable
concepts of the poem
will survive the time
as universal values.

this proves that
the human ability to abstract
is the main component
of cooperation.

which is why i am upset
that coca cola is not democratic,
which i am sure
william blake would agree with.

nick feinberg

my name is nick
and i am not a prick.
i have a big dick
which makes women sick.
so i learned a cool trick
to be very quick
and then do a little lick
to finish my chick.

life is not what i expected

all i wanted from life
was to sleep most of the day
eat ton of cakes and not get fat

and then comes all this stuff
with people getting sick
dieing and fighting