861 oscillating complexity

human kind
is constantly oscillating
between misery and greatness
making it impossible for me
to say if we are
unlocking the secrets of universe
or if we are
going towards certain doom

795 secrets in our language

the languages we speak
already contain everything we need
to unlock the next level reality

usa killed julian assange

putin is maybe
more merciful
than usa
when it comes to
killing those
who expose
their secrets

i am so smart

i am so smart
i could just explode

i am so smart
i should never die
and if i ever die
every second of my life
should be studied by
million scientists

i am so smart
that i can only
talk to
dolphins and aliens

i am so smart
so gods envy me

i am so smart
if you smell my fart
you can learn
all the secrets
of the universe