846 say no to rhyme

my youngest son
is still making fun of me
for not using rhyme in my poems

736 i will stick with shitty poems

for a short moment
i had a daydream
how i will take weeks
to write a perfect poem
with lots of hidden meaning
and perfect rhythm and rhyme
but i quickly woke up and remembered
how i am too stupid and lazy for that

google spell check ad

just like movies
do not really need 3D
poems do not really need
grammar, form, rhyme, and spelling.

they only stop you from
having fun and
saying what you want.

if you stop to fix your poems
you will forever lose
that nanosecond of
divine inspiration.

it is all about speed
which is why
you should at least use
google spell check.

old poetry

long time ago
poems manipulated
the readers
with cheap emotions
and distracted
with useless rhyme.
well, not anymore.

advice to graeme for his birthday

maybe i don’t listen to my own advice
but it does not mean i eat mice
do not work so hard
you will end up like a retard
take it easy and build a house block by block
do you know what is huge? it is my door lock
you can not be everything at once
fuck this! i hate rhyme
happy birthday