837 not reporting rape

thank you to all the women
who do not report rape
to preserve our sense of control

living room poem

the fuck out
of my home
or i will
cut your eyes out!
i am better
than you
and i will rape you!

winner’s reward

greatest pleasure
over the enemies
is when we hire them
for low wages
to do shitty jobs.
this is more pleasurable
than murder or rape
or any other violence
because it is
so long and constant.
to the winners
it can give
a 20 year orgasm.
as an employer
I have to fight
this instinct every day.
so far it never won.
maybe one day
it will.

a very good party is

when the music is so loud
that you start crying blood
when you are so drunk
that you cut your fingers off
and you do not care
when sex is so good
that you puke on her face
and you both love it
when you wake up
raped, broke and without fingers
and you just want to
play videogames
that is a very good party