1058 how to fix the world

accumulation of capital
is unavoidable and not a problem

centralization of power
is unavoidable and not a problem

lack of openness
is avoidable and the biggest problem

1005 socialism and capitalism

capitalists accepted socialism.
socialists accepted capitalism.

so it is time to stop pretending
these two are exclusive
and start using them as they are:

only two of thousands
of specific solutions
each needed to solve
a specific problem.

reject idiotic divisive simplifications.
accept empowering complexity.

884 crises eating system

with a system
that feeds on crisis
is that eventually
it eats all crises
and dies

782 the failure of game of thrones

game of thrones started great
because martin solved the problem
tolkien failed to solve:
how to tell a story without
the idiotic binary good versus bad.

but the business people
took over and simplified the story into
the idiotic binary good versus bad
thinking they can make more money
and they bored us to death.

in part it is our fault
because we constantly forget
that our minds reject
the idiotic binary good vs bad
because it is a lie.

the truth is
that we never feel a single emotion
about anything.
for example, we admire, fear, and hate a tiger
at the same time.

no matter how much
business people want us to be
simple stupid buyers
the idiotic binary good vs bad
will always bore us to death.

all business people can do
is to monopolize human storytelling
and make all stories about
the idiotic binary good versus bad
so we are left without any other choice.

problem with parents

just when you get used to your parents
they die