hypes come quickly
and erase old niche wisdom

hypes pass quickly
but old niche wisdom never comes back

after hundred hypes
no old niche wisdom remains

and the only thing people know how to do
is to follow more hypes


having a flu is like being old
i want to kiss the little kids
i am happy to just take a shower
drinking warm tea is amazing
i am not picky with entertainment

poetry conspiracy theory

we are told to appreciate
old and perfectly styled poetry
instead of
shitty poetry written five minutes ago
because poetry is
the most powerful weapon of truth


for my whole life
i have been searching for a purpose.
i did not like any of the old ideas,
they seemed superficial and weak,
so i came up with ia48x.

ia48x is a future country
which includes everyone in the world,
in which everyone is equal,
and everyone works to reach immortality.

equality and immortality are
the only true goals we can have
and the only way for us
to fulfill our potential.

if you adopt ia48x as your purpose
you will help bring us all
closer to it.

visit ia48x.org for more.

a perfect poet

thinks like a
hundred year old
feels like a
two year old