1104 death as magic

one of the greatest
magical events in our lives
is when everything
an unimaginable nothing

1088 the power of poetry

if i do nothing all day
or i am an asshole all day
and i write at least one poem
and publish it online
then i believe
it was a good day

1030 perfection disability

being born perfect
with nothing to change
is an unfortunate disability

1000 this is ok

i just eat all of it
and leave nothing for kids

773 chest pain and shortness of breath

there is nothing better
for figuring out life
than a bit of a random
chest pain and shortness of breath

739 looking at things

for hours and hours
every day
i am looking at
and nothing happens

i will not write a poem today

i will not
write a poem today.
i am not into it.
i am bored to do it.
it feels like a chore.
my head is empty
and i have nothing to share.
maybe tomorrow
i will write one
but, sorry,
today there are
no new poems.

loser nobody

there are these people
who can do so little
and yet what they do
is so powerful
and meaningful
and fresh

and then
there are these people
who want to be
like these other people
but just can not cut it

and they spend
unbelievable amounts of energy
to achieve
absolutely nothing

and their whole lives
amount to shit and piss they excreted
and nothing else