1303 end backpacks now! please

i never again
want to wear a backpack.
they make me heavier,
they make my back much bigger,
they make me sweat,
and i always have to come up
with stuff to put in them.
it is not enough that i never use one.
i want them ended. forever.

1276 democracy is a scam

the word democracy is meaningless,
and is used to centralize power
like never before in human history.

what we are told democracy is
has never existed,
and probably never will exist.

we need a new better idea.

1273 morality

every time i walked next
one of those street fruit displays
i was tempted to steal
a banana or an apple
but i never did it

1269 school shootings and climate crisis

use school shootings
and climate crisis
to promote themselves
which means
these problems will
never be solved.

scientists would solve
both of these problems
over a weekend.

1246 limits of ai

artificial intelligence
will never be able
to write this poem

1223 i do not like hollywood

i do not like hollywood
because they never
made a movie
with a main character
with whom i can
identify with

1221 career advice 1

there are two types of people:
those who believe
only few are ubermensch
and everyone else
is not and never will be,
and those who believe
everyone is or will be
an ubermensch.

never work for the first type.
give everything you can
to the second type.

1213 how to never have bad things

all bad things
started as good things
which eventually became bad
because they lingered long enough
and nothing new and better
replaced them.

the only way
to never have bad things
is to always
quickly replace good things
with new good things.

1161 are you a good writer?

you are a good writer
only when you know
that you will never
fully express yourself
with words,
that no one will ever know
who you are
and that you will never know
who anyone is.

1157 we never fully die

when my father died
i am hundred percent sure
that part of him
became a part of me.

so parts of my grandfather
and my great grandfather
and everyone before
became part of me as well.

1030 i will never

i will never join
your stupid
piece of shit cause.
fuck you!

1027 never be small

refuse to be small,
refuse to be powerless,
refuse to be insignificant,
refuse to not be able
to make the entire world
the way you feel or think
it should be.

893 celebrities will never be free

we create celebrities
as instruments of our will.
we are never their instruments.

877 never forget

never forget that
someone synchronized
fellini’s la dolce vita

838 i hope i never become famous

as soon as i become famous
my poetry will be erased
because it is not binary

819 you do not care about money

never forget that
you do not care about money
and you only use it as a tool

815 stagnation means decline

as long as we are mortal
we will never outrun death
with unlimited growth

771 ai poetry

my poetry
is defined by
artificial intelligence
in a sense
that i will
never use it
to write poetry.

765 cash bribery is equality

cash bribery represents
a lack of prejudice
allowing everyone equally to buy power.

if you can not simply buy power with cash
you will never have it
most likely because of some idiotic prejudice.

715 i never lied to you

my poems are better than
all i do is tell you the truth
and they don’t

698 prostitutes are super smart

prostitutes are super smart
and anyone who says otherwise
was never with a prostitute
or has never understood
what a prostitute does

pro-putin art at la biennale

it is a mistake
to ban pro-putin art from la biennale
war is only a symptom
and we will never eradicate it
if we do not understand the cause


hypes come quickly
and erase old niche wisdom

hypes pass quickly
but old niche wisdom never comes back

after hundred hypes
no old niche wisdom remains

and the only thing people know how to do
is to follow more hypes

fuck you BBC!

since 1990 until 2022
i have been listening to you
telling me how stupid and evil i am
and you never convinced me
nor anyone else who met me.
you did not win and you never will!
fuck you!

an act of aggression

one way to be aggressive
and really hurt people
is to strongly support their belief
that they are perfect as they are
making sure they never grow

numbers game

you never know
when you will write
a good poem

you write a lot of
really bad poems
and suddenly
there is a good one

political duopoly is bullshit

every person
has a number of political choices
and in a political duopoly
two parties will divide
all these choices
between them
two highly hateful groups.

this kind of bullshit
will keep on going
with every new choice
for thousands of years
because these two parties
will never allow
any change.


i will never again
be able to write poems
as i wrote them
three hours ago

why empires fall

all empires fall
because they stick
to something that worked before
and continues working
only because it worked before
but would never work
if it started over again now


the scariest thing
about hollywood is
that it has
programmed me
to be something
which is not me
and therefore i have
never existed
and my entire life
was lost

welcome to my newsletter

i was thinking about
sending my poems as a newsletter
and i never did it
until now.

what is love

for ten years
every day
i ask martina
if she loves me
and she never

i am so smart

i am so smart
i could just explode

i am so smart
i should never die
and if i ever die
every second of my life
should be studied by
million scientists

i am so smart
that i can only
talk to
dolphins and aliens

i am so smart
so gods envy me

i am so smart
if you smell my fart
you can learn
all the secrets
of the universe

die antwoord

i will
write a poem
die antwoord