1271 thank you for ass cheeks

i am thanking
whoever designed
something so beautiful
as ass cheeks
to hide something so nasty
as an asshole.

maybe it was
god, alines, or nature.
whoever it is,
i am sure they are
very clever designers.

907 conflict and war are not natural

conflict and war
are results of idiotic planning
and not of magical wisdom system

saying that conflict and war
are human nature
is saying that we will always be idiots

788 only some can be physicists

everyone wants
to discover the secret laws of nature
and describe them in a magical language

704 nature is stupid

if nature was not so stupid
we would not have
only female and male
but at least seven or eight genders
which would all need
to have sex together
to mix their dna
to make at least fifty babies.
or we would just split in half.

norman foster sustainability

the nature
of monopolists
is that
they do not want
to let someone else be good
but they must be
the only ones who are good
while they also
keep making money being bad


everyone knows that
buildings will always be ugly
so we make up stories
to pretend they are
as pretty as the nature.
which they are not.
they are always ugly.


nature’s half-arsed solution
to a limited memory problem
is a superficial opinionated mess
oversold and overpromoted
by the old whose brains
started deleting old files
decades ago

three stupidest things about nature

time as framework for reality
sentience of mortal beings
living beings dependence on air, drink, and food

drying off

when i get out of the shower
i first wipe my face
and then my stomach
my ass and legs
while i do this i think
how much it sucks
i was not born
ten thousand years ago
when i could kill people and animals
with random rocks
how boring it is to live
today with all these pussies
with all the luxuries
and this pussy ass internet
i wish i was in cold nature
where i could kill with my hands
or be killed and eaten
that would be awesome
how did we come
from ancient bloodbaths and struggles to
unfriend on facebook?