country defined

country is not
a nation
a language
a culture

country is
a set of rules
applied within borders
defined by politicians

freedoms we must fight for

freedom to live forever
freedom to not be a citizen
freedom to belong to no nation
freedom to be a philosopher without knowing anything about philosophy
freedom to be important
freedom to have talent without talent
freedom to be accepted
freedom to be completely change everything about yourself every day
freedom to be the biggest asshole
freedom to be stupid and still be treated as smart
freedom to be valuable somehow

brexit logic

half of the world
only one nation
in the world.

another half wants
around ten million nations
in the world.

we could make
half of the world
one nation,
and the other half
ten million nations,
and see what happens.

happy bday mr clarke

when the night is cold
when the evil is too strong
when the volcanoes erupt
and the weak cry for help
when the nation needs a leader
when women need a lover
when men need a friend
when we all need a hero
whom shall we call?
whom do we need?
mr clarke!