google spell check ad

just like movies
do not really need 3D
poems do not really need
grammar, form, rhyme, and spelling.

they only stop you from
having fun and
saying what you want.

if you stop to fix your poems
you will forever lose
that nanosecond of
divine inspiration.

it is all about speed
which is why
you should at least use
google spell check.

amazing beauty

i experienced a moment
of unbelievable beauty
for only a nanosecond.
i was fat and in my bed,
the room was dark
and i moved the playstation controller
up and down
and it casted a shadow
on the wall
which i saw in the mirror.
some people never experience
such beauty
in their entire life.

i am very very very sorry

because i did not write a poem for several weeks
because communism does not work
because capitalism does not work
because there are no teleports
because i am not on tv every day for at least an hour
because time passes
because eggs do not cook in a nanosecond
because i get tired and need to sleep