1302 what is your favorite movie?

how can i be sure
that i was not programmed by media
to think a bad movie is good?

should a movie be celebrated
as the pinnacle of human endeavor
or is it just the result of competition control?

am i confused by other bad products
that make trillions
by manipulating media and politics?

and if i do not know
which movie is good or not
what else is not me?

1283 12 years a slave

12 years a slave is
the most unrealistic movie ever
no one working on that movie
was able to imagine
how people actually behave
in such situations

1255 how to choose a movie

never watch a movie
which you have not
seen before

1223 i do not like hollywood

i do not like hollywood
because they never
made a movie
with a main character
with whom i can
identify with

1165 actor vs celebrity

people who perform
in a theater
are skilled actors.

people who we see
in a movie
are popular brands.

1118 simon knows people

simon was
an assistant cameraman
on a movie
edited by a wife
of a second best friend
of a producer
who saw al pacino
in los angeles
seven months ago

925 leo will not save us

the movie don’t look up
is the new bullshit
taking over the power
of the old bullshit

another batman movie

for the purpose of
efficient industrial production,
maximum return,
and minimal risk,
batman systematically combines
licensable assets,
storytelling clich├ęs,
most downloaded music,
best performing effects and shots,
safest political trends,
with impeccable PR.

it also includes sufficient unpredictable weirdness
to achieve artistic pretense
necessary for the audience to avoid depression
for enjoying such a calculated industrial production.

because everyone wants to be
a passive mindless consumer of industrial crap
but no one wants to actually admit it.

but maybe i will change my mind next week.

consciousness explained

take a 10 minute drive
to a supermarket
and let your mind drift away.
one part of your mind
will continue driving
and the other will think
about the universe
or imagine crazy stuff
better than any movie ever made.

life of an idea

comic book

jaden smith

jaden is a good son
he makes more money
than his father will
and helps his father
by producing his movies
and fixing his ferrari
and buying him jewelry

method acting

a sexy actress got
an important role
to play a paralyzed woman
and to play it better
she broke her own back
and this freaked out everyone
and they cancelled the movie.

perfect breakfast

nice toasted bread
orange jam
with cold milk
in bed
with a good movie
in a cafe
next to a cold ocean