1031 the real challenge

the only way for openness
not to create tyranny
is to constantly
increase openness.

there is no end goal
in openness.
we always need
more openness.

962 the limit of mercedes

there is a limit
to what mercedes can do
for eight billion people
but instead of
respecting that limit
managers started making
worse cars that cost more

714 stages of life

this is an interesting place!
i figured out this place!
this place is ending soon!
i will enjoy this place just a bit moreā€¦

creating other poets

only value
of my poetry
is in the ability to
create many more poets

maybe stop forcing things to be more?

facebook is a perfect family social media
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

coca cola is a perfect sports drink
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

marlboro is a perfect cigarette for men to enjoy sometimes
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

art is a perfect way to connect and learn
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

mcdonalds is a perfect affordable family restaurant
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

undiscovered poets

one of many reasons
why i am a poet
is to show
that any idiot
can be a poet.

this will hopefully
create more poets
and if we have more poets
we will have more of everything good.

thank you kanye west

kanye west spent
billions of dollars
millions of hours
thousands of people
only to move us forward
by less than a single percent.
thank you kanye
but we need more kanye.
do not stop!

where is it all going

i am writing these confusing poems
and i do not know
where they are taking me

it is fun and scary

i need to eat less and exercise more
to stay alive long enough
to see the end of it all


the more successful
we are
the better bargaining position
we have with death,

more by usher

more by usher
is the best song i heard in my life
it is so fucking awesome
i can not describe it
if you take all art ever made and
compress it in a three minute experience
you can maybe reach
only one promil of how good
more by usher is
i want to sing it every second of my life
if i die after it finshes it is ok
because i heard it
i do not want to die before it finishes
if i am falling off a cliff and i hear it on radio
i will be super happy
if i crash and explode before it finshes
i will be pissed
if it finishes and one millisecond
i crash and die it is ok
but not ok because i want to hear
more by usher again
more more more
i want more by usher
installed in my brain so
only thing i heard for the rest of my life
is unlimited repeat of more by usher
i want my kids to only speak
the words of more by usher
if they make a mistake i will kill them
i want to kill anyone
who even says this song is not
the best sound that will ever
exist in the reality of our universe
or any dimension
anyone who disagrees with this
will die instantly
i will cut their eyes out with my eyelashes
while singing more by usher
fuck this song is good
i am so happy to be alive to hear it
anything else in life is meaningless
more by usher!!!!!