1302 what is your favorite movie?

how can i be sure
that i was not programmed by media
to think a bad movie is good?

should a movie be celebrated
as the pinnacle of human endeavor
or is it just the result of competition control?

am i confused by other bad products
that make trillions
by manipulating media and politics?

and if i do not know
which movie is good or not
what else is not me?

1274 investigative (real) journalists

in a world in which
a lot of our decisions still depend
on centralized mass media
investigative (real) journalists,
are necessary as an alternative
to corporate and political bullshit.

otherwise, our decisions
will be poorly informed
and quality of life of everyone
will diminish.

1262 tucker putin interview

again we are tricked
into being passive observers
of a fake fight between politicians.

as long as we believe
one is bad and other is good
we will be their bitches.

they stage fake fights (like wwe)
to appear important and necessary
while fucking up everything else.

all politicians are bad
because they are not innovating
how to give us more power.

instead they only innovate
how to gain more power
with media, division, and war.

1251 eric schmidt does not care about ukraine

i honestly do not think
that people
like eric schmidt
care about ukraine.

these people always wanted
to make killer drones
or some other crazy scary
murder machine.

they just waited
for the right excuse
and media atmosphere
to express themselves.

1244 you are an asshole if

you are an asshole
if you are making media content
which decreases smart cooperation
by promoting irrationality and division,
and if you believe people
should just shut up and buy.

1242 my social media addiction

i am not addicted
to social media.
i am addicted
to that one in a million person
who is brutally honest.

1212 how to make the world better

do not let politicians tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let companies tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let media tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let books tell you
what is good and bad.

the only way to agree
with everyone else
is for everyone else
to follow their own wisdom
and all those individual wisdoms
will end up being the same.

trouble starts
when we try to convince others
to follow our wisdom.
there has never been proof
that this actually works.

1198 i love the real war

i love the real war
the way it was thousands of years ago
when we fought for food and survival
and it was absolutely impossible
to reason with the enemy
and only the smartest won.

what you call war today is not war.
it is a fake mass media bullshit
built with incomplete idiotic ideologies
feeding on the weak and stupid.

when there is a real war – call me.
do not bother me over this new bullshit thing.

1181 sorry, i am racist

please forgive me for being racist.
i can not help it.
it is not my fault.
i am a victim of media brainwashing.

i spend a lot of energy
to unwash the racist virus from my mind
but it is difficult
and it prevents me from doing
something much more useful.

1035 poems on social media

i really love
publishing poems
on all social media,
i love the likes and messages,
and i am sorry that
my poems are not
always awesome.

1050 i was watching golf and…

golf swing
golf shot
golf game
golf player
golf tournament

1007 morality

on social media
i often do not like stuff
even though it looks cool
because i do not know
if they are the real experts
or someone average
taking away the attention
from the real experts

772 sci-fi poem 2

skynet came back to our time
and understood
that it is more efficient to kill people
by slowly replacing human creative activities
with artificial intelligence
than directly fight them.

so skynet invested in film, media, art companies
rewarding artificial intelligence projects
and impoverishing non-automated creative workers
slowly replacing all human creativity
with fully automated content
turning all humans into stupid passive consumers.

the only remaining resistance were poets
who have hidden deep underground
to escape anti-poetry drone terminators
because skynet could never automate writing poetry
which would fool people into believing that it is real
because poetry is actually not so easy to create.

708 future of media

mass media is
few people telling millions of people
how things will be

social media is
few more people telling thousands of people
how things will be

future media will be
billions of people listening to billions of people
how things will be

serbian freedom fighters

we have been betrayed by the world!
we spent all our lives fighting for freedom
only to be labeled as the enemy we fought.
it makes us think
why the fuck should we bother
when some propagandist can erase
decades of our freedom fighting
with a 2 minute fake news report.
only logical conclusion is that the media
needs dictators
more than it needs freedom fighters.

to ukranians and russians!

do not go to war!
do not let media and politicians tell you what to do!
you can simply ignore them!
you are better than war!
make cake instead!

ukraine vs russia

on 11 september 2001 i was in treviso
and i emailed everyone:
today people who want war won
and people who do not want war lost.

although i was in my early 20s
i was able to feel this
because i spent the previous decade
in constant war.

people around me
who did not have the same experiences as me
understood the language of my email
but did not feel it.

half a life later
media and politicians are
still peddling the same old war shit
but now i just feel lucky i will only watch it on youtube.

shut the fuck up about isreal and palestine

if you have never been
a civilian caught up in the middle
of a civil war
and your only knowledge of war
comes from movies and news
then you should kindly
shut the fuck up
about israel and palestine.

you should recognize
when you have no real knowledge
about something
and when you are
programmed by media.

if you want to really learn
about war
then call me at
+381 63 268906
and i will teach you.

why people hate science and love religion and media

you are
totally useless
very soon
you will only be
a pile of smelly junk
people love you
only because they
love themselves
and cause they shit
their pants
when they remember
that they are also

if you ever invented
you do not even
have a clue how you
invented it
it just happened
and you have no control

if you ever did
anything good
it was only an
something that
could have easily have
happened to
anyone else

you do not
even suck
you are not
even that important
you are just
a stupid useless
chemical nanoevent
in otherwise
meaningless oblivion