language limitations

poetry is the ultimate use of language
and i have been writing poetry for decades
and i still struggle with language
because it is so limited and primitive.
using language seems like an incredible compromise
where i lose 99 % of who i am.
i can not imagine how other people feel
who do not have the time to practice as much as i do.
it must be like living in the darkest deepest hole
of loneliness where no one can understand you
and you are forced to somehow
go through your life without anyone
knowing who you are.
it is as if you are a hamster.


lonely people,
like geniuses
serial killers,
have little faith
in language
leave clues
which are jokes
irrelevant discoveries.

the essence of loneliness

am i the only one who wants to have a five euro coffee?
am i the only one who wants to chit chat with random strangers?
am i the only one who wants to see the hobbit movie for the fifth time?
i am.