1093 machine learning

machine learning
would be awesome
if it they used it
to only solve problems
that are best solved
by counting things

758 learning and trust struggle

first i learned that depression is an illness,
then i learned that there are antidepressants,
then i learned that antidepressants are tested using a rat forced swim test,
then i learned that a rat forced swim test might be wrong,
and i am still curious but confused
looking forward to what i will learn next,
and i still trust doctors i find on google.

ps. i am not depressed.
i am just using depression as an example of learning and trust.

726 generational continuity

i think it is a great loss
that many people have been convinced
that the next generation
should not continue the work of the past generation.
as if working for some stupid public company
is a better life option than learning from your parents
and continuing their vision.

687 nationalist childhood

we spent centuries
growing unique cultures
so we could share
their knowledge:

i grew up learning
about other cultures
thanks to these messengers:

bukowski from usa
mishima from japan
de sade from france
nietzsche from germany
d’annunzio from italy
freud from austria
jung from switzerland
blake from britain
kharms from russia

thank you!

the curse of knowledge

the more i learn the more i realize
there is even more to learn

knowledge is unlimited
and i will never learn everything

it is an evil trick!

training for my parents’ death

i have been eating well
lifting weights
doing long easy runs
reading up on the subject
gathering experiences
establishing contacts
i should be ready