988 challengers are no better

challengers of the power
are power hungry powerless losers
pretending to be better

eating a banana

i was not hungry
but it was just sitting there
waiting for me.
it had a perfect shape and color.
none of those stupid black spots.
i could not resist touching it
and it felt perfectly firm.
i knew i should lose weight
and i lied to myself:
i will only eat a few bites.
but as soon as my mouth tasted it
the lie was exposed
and i ate it whole.


like being the only person
on a small sinking boat in january
in the middle of the ocean at night
and there are about fifty sharks
swimming around your sinking boat
and they are very hungry
and you have aids for ten years
and never told anyone
and you are sorry for so many things
but you can not apologize to anyone
because soon you will sink and
sharks will eat you