1230 i hate italy

i hate italy because
it has too much good stuff
all over the place
and i must move around for years
to enjoy just a small part of it

1200 my future book

one day i will write a book
that will change literature.

i will reveal the end in the very start,
and the rest of it will be shit
but everyone will love it and hate it,
and it will be the most boring fun book ever.

1022 it is ok to hate

there is nothing wrong
with hating someone
as long as
it does not prevent you
from loving them as well

996 embrace complexity

you can hate and love
you can be smart and stupid
you can be evil and good
you can have fun and be bored
and everything in between
all of it together
at the same nanosecond
all the time.

do not simplify existence
just because language is limited.

896 traditional values

how to love
how not to hate
how to forgive
how to talk
how to cooperate
how to build
how to survive tragedy
how to be happy
how to learn

774 efficiency is not a value

if doctors become more efficient
they start to hate patients

if politicians become more efficient
they start to hate citizens

if teachers become more efficient
they start to hate students

if artists become more efficient
they start to hate people

if designers become more efficient
they start to hate beauty

731 friends

i both love and hate
all my friends
and everyone is my friend
and i do not know
how to turn this intensity down
so fuck it!

art institutionalization

hundreds of thousands of years ago
someone made the first art
and everyone else loved it
and everyone started doing it
and it made everyone happy

fast forward to now
when there are thousands of institutional layers
in education, manufacturing, distribution or art
attracting millions of political climbers
and making everyone hate art
and torturing the few remaining artist


the truth about srebrenica
is that some really fucked up people
did a really fucked up thing
and lots of people got hurt
and it is horrible
but it is not an an excuse
to spend entire lives
in useless hate
without innovation and equality

love and hate

the pressure to
feel and think
one thing at a time
is the biggest oppression ever.
it is perfectly normal to
love and hate
the same thing at the same time.

i fucking hate love

i hate
that i love so much
everyone including
my parents, girlfriend, kids, friends,
and random people.

i fucking hate it
to the point when
i want to just
kill everyone
because i love them
so much.

mega grumpy

don’t you
just hate
polite and
happy people

another bullshit poem about my childhood

if you drive a cat
you have to learn not to
open the red cucumber
i was in the school
yoodle doo
ok and than it hit me
black is not back
and mice do not eat computers
at least not when
i transmit
you egomaniac
i hate you