1060 rafael’s large shape

a large magenta shape
with four very sharp corners
is moving very slowly
inside a green square.

and it seems that at least
three of its corners
touch the edge of the square
and that something
very mysterious is happening
to the fourth corner
outside the square.

if i tried to figure out
what happens with the fourth square
but i keep losing focus
and start daydreaming.

836 i am afraid of green people

i was not afraid
of green people until they
became a political weapon

the way poetry was 100 years ago

polka makes a lot of sense
when it is than
mustard is eating my brain
so now what
pokemon rules and dogs
do not care if cats
combined with cars
can go the distance
however if you are ever around
make sure potatos
are rotten
when you enter the castle of evil
forget the color of your underwear
sun is green only
when jupiter is on purple ice
rats are in my ass
colors are running away