1250 silicon valley business tip

once eric schmidt’s
killer drones
blow up millions of people
without damaging
real estate and infrastructure
someone will need to clean up
all the blood and guts
and this is a great opportunity
for the next stealth
silicon valley ai genius

1010 iq score is racist

iq scores generalize us
with a single insignificant trait
similar to skin color, age, nationality.

we need to stop
classifying billions of people
using reductive binary tests.

we need to accept
that every human is a genius
from whom we can all learn.

979 the genius of mozart

was fucking around
until he started dying

866 choose ye that you need?

is he a crazy person
ranting nonsense
for absolutely no reason?

is he a genius
trying to liberate us
from oppressive divisive ideas
sacrificing himself
through extreme provocation?

is he a desperate person
trying to liberate
his and our mind
from programmed
idiotic stereotypes?

is he all of the above?

everyone is a genius

everyone has genius ideas
but not everyone can
express them.

lowering the standards
for the expression of ideas
we gain access to more geniuses.

but then
we must seriously listen
to all these new geniuses.

take your head electronic

take your head but
take your razor
take your speed
tuck you in, kill the snitch
that electronic sound
drilling in my eye
take your head
tomorrow is dead
hope you divide the sign
of genius
coming to this universe
to clean the dark
from the rain
make the rain
take your head


whoever had an idea
to make oceans
and mountains
and bananas
and dolphins
and sunsets
and sugar
is a genius

toilet paper

whoever invented toilet paper is a genius
just imagine the world without it
there would be much more trees
and much less homosexuals