1256 the future of poetry

it is inevitable
that my poems will become
short funny stupid smart statements
because that is what
everyone wants

1237 languages i speak

english is for the future
german is for the past
italian and greek are for pleasure
serbian is for my family

1200 my future book

one day i will write a book
that will change literature.

i will reveal the end in the very start,
and the rest of it will be shit
but everyone will love it and hate it,
and it will be the most boring fun book ever.

1027 the future of rap

it is year 2050
and public enemy
is still the best
rap thing ever

1113 purpose of visualization

in the last
second of my life
i will imagine
a perfect future of my kids
so i die super happy

1106 shubert’s ave maria

yesterday all of my kids
loved schubert’s ave maria
and this made me feel
very confident about their future
because shubert’s ave maria
is not an easy music
for a kid to like.
it is also good that they like
metallica’s the call of ktulu.

948 social media future

it is inevitable
that all the content
and all the connections
on all your social media
will be lost

940 true listener

true listener
equally listens
to the past
to the present
to the future

881 more and more processes

our lives are controlled by processes
designed by people
who do not care about us.

education, credits, careers, real estate
are designed to increase numbers
and decrease consciousness.

severe punishments
for choices outside these processes
create future slave generations.

first step of the resistance
is to understand that the loss of freedom
is greater than the loss process benefits.

841 evolution has stopped

the most successful human trait
in the current social systems
is the future of humanity

786 nietzsche and kant are stupid

the main difference between
a real philosopher
an academic philosopher
is that the real philosopher
feels how stupid and useless
all previous philosophers are
and knows that he will be
equally stupid to future philosophers

713 gianni versace

gianni versace
is the most italian man
to ever exist
in the future and in the past
and every man is
less italian than gianni

708 future of media

mass media is
few people telling millions of people
how things will be

social media is
few more people telling thousands of people
how things will be

future media will be
billions of people listening to billions of people
how things will be

living in the present

it is easiest to live in the past.
it is harder to live in the future.
it is almost impossible to live in the present.

living in the present
is how i imagine it to be
on very strong drugs.

you are completely unburdened by
the past or the future
and you completely enjoy
one nanosecond at a time.

try living in the present.
it is impossibly hard yet incredibly satisfying.

my future function

one day
people will call me
to come over
and tell them
a truth about them

future of feminism

vanessa asked me to write about feminism
so here it goes:

gatherers were replaced by housewives,
housewives were replaced by feminists,
feminists were replaced by millions of fluid gender identities.

in the future
we will all be perfectly equal and free
and we will again be
gatherers, housewives, feminists, and millions of fluid gender identities.

but we will completely forget how to actually be
gatherers, housewives, feminists, and millions of fluid gender identities,
so we will simply invent new better versions of them.

the future of entertainment

will asked me
to write a poem about
how boring immortality could be
so here goes:

everything we do as mortals
is defined by our death
which interrupts
our every thought.

as people who die quickly
we are too stupid
to imagine
how much better is immortality.

the boredom we feel as mortals
is defined by
pathetic lack of meaning
of our mortal creations.

education and work are super fast
while entertainment sells us this nonsense,
and it is all meaningless and super boring
because we die before anything makes sense.

when we become immortal
we will think about everything
without the limitation of time
which will give us real meaning.

we will never be bored
because boredom is a lack of meaning.
it is impossible to have meaning
if we live less than a few hundred years.

immortals do not need
to watch netflix shows or play zelda
if they can take three thousand years to
reverse the dying of a black hole.

listen to rap

will asked me
to write a poem about
politics, current events, and futurism
so here goes:

rap music allows storytelling
which makes it an important step
towards a future in which
we are all immortal and equal

in this future we get the most
out of our consciousness
because we have all the time in the universe
without the distractions of inequality

eminem is an important step
because he helped make rap
the most popular music in the world
making all its messages available to everyone

kanye continued eminem’s work
making rappers
the most important fighters
for the future of humanity

eminem and kanye are helping
to make the future humans immortal and equal
because scientist dedicate their lives
to whatever is on mass media

only rap can make immortality and equality
more popular than mass media
and we can not do anything
without scientists

i love metal, rock, pop, classical,
and some country
but my bet is on rap
because of public enemy


to improve the future
we must forget the past
we will spend the future
constantly trying
to fix past trauma
and this is a waste of time
because we did not invent
time travel


for my whole life
i have been searching for a purpose.
i did not like any of the old ideas,
they seemed superficial and weak,
so i came up with ia48x.

ia48x is a future country
which includes everyone in the world,
in which everyone is equal,
and everyone works to reach immortality.

equality and immortality are
the only true goals we can have
and the only way for us
to fulfill our potential.

if you adopt ia48x as your purpose
you will help bring us all
closer to it.

visit ia48x.org for more.

choosing sides in war

in every war
i fight with all my heart
for the people of the future
who have evolved beyond war
who are equal and immortal
and enjoy their time
being smart and cool

rafael’s art

if you want to see the future
look at rafael’s art.
his art is from the year 2234
when there is nothing to annoy you
and the only thing you can do
is to enjoy the beauty.

two types of marketers

those who hack ancient animal algorithms
those who hack future human potential

predicting the future

easiest way
to predict the future
is to speak of things
everyone is
deeply afraid of

day by day

every day
i do something little
and maybe not so cool
so one day
far away in the future
i do something super cool

the art of rafael rozendaal

behind every act
there is a wish
and rafael’s wish
is that we can all have fun
while robots serve us.

rafael makes art for
year ten thousand
which makes no sense today
which is why
it is so important today.

rafael is from the future
tell us what we can become
if we do not blow ourselves up
in a nuclear war.

austin lee

i agreed with austin lee
to write a poem about him
in exchange for his portrait
of my family.

i am not sure
if it is a fair bargain
because the poem will be
only about him
and i will be
only one of the five people
in the portrait.

it would be fair
if my three kids and my girlfriend
would also write poems about him,
or if all of us would write together
a poem about him.

but life is not fair
and it will only get worst from now on
and we learn to roll with the punches
and one of the most important things in life are friends
and i hope austin lee will be my friend
just like rafael rozendaal is,
and wyne veen, and angelo plessas.
because compounding benefits of friendship
are transgenerational
and that is why i made this investment
in an austin lee poem
because that is the only thing i care about today
is my kids friendships in two thousand fifty.

benefits of bad memory

meeting new people all the time
not remembering your fuckups
believing you are charming
learning not to give a fuck
enjoying the moment
eating mcdonalds more often
looking positively towards future