1261 i am funny. not

i am actually
completely able
to consistently make
my friends laugh
which makes me
a funny person.

you should trust me
even though, usually,
i am the opposite of funny.

1256 the future of poetry

it is inevitable
that my poems will become
short funny stupid smart statements
because that is what
everyone wants

740 today i became funny

i was driving
and a guy on a motorbike
passed me very quickly
and suddenly
i came up with a joke in my head:
where does a motorbike get you fastest?
to a hospital!
at that moment i realized
that i became funny.

that joke is much better
than the joke i came up with
ten years ago
which i told thousands of times
and to which no one ever laughed.

i am sorry for being gloomy

since my father died
i wrote many gloomy poems
i promise
the next one will be funny

funny poem

blind man is touching a grater
and than he says:
who wrote this bullshit?