1200 my future book

one day i will write a book
that will change literature.

i will reveal the end in the very start,
and the rest of it will be shit
but everyone will love it and hate it,
and it will be the most boring fun book ever.

1164 make fun of stereotypes

making fun of stereotypes
is ok – because
stereotypes are imaginary.

you can only get upset
if you consider yourself a stereotype,
which is not ok – because
you are not a stereotype,
you are a person.

1159 not everything is math

scientists and engineers
should stop making fun of
religion, philosophy, art
because without those three
science and engineering
would never exist.

religion, philosophy, art
are easy targets
they appear as nonsense
to anyone using math.
math simply does not allow
this kind of weird thinking.

1044 long fun life?

it is strange that
i have lived so long and well
and if my life ends now
i will not complain,
but my life keeps getting
better and more fun
which confuses me.
i hope everyone
got the same deal.

996 embrace complexity

you can hate and love
you can be smart and stupid
you can be evil and good
you can have fun and be bored
and everything in between
all of it together
at the same nanosecond
all the time.

do not simplify existence
just because language is limited.

959 simple history of big ideas

buddhism: try not to care
hedonism: let’s just have fun
stoicism: do what you can
christianity: say you are sorry, but mean it
capitalism: how much is it?
anarchism: don’t force me!
marxism: the boss should share more
nihilism: don’t waste time
modernism: everything is science
postmodernism: leave them alone!
metamodernism: all ideas are ok

953 wisdom tutorial 2

one of the better ways
to make others wiser
is to make fun
of their wrong choices.

most will get very upset
but some will change.
do not expect a thank you.

894 entertainment is meaningless

stop looking
for meaning in entertainment.
it is made for relaxation and fun,
not for development of consciousness.

nothing made to make millions quickly
will help you reach nirvana.
finding meaning is difficult,
not relaxing and fun.

there is nothing wrong with this.
you should relax and have fun.
but do not forget to
also take time to grow.

just do not be that stupid
to believe in personal growth
from watching
jokes, explosions, and porn.

891 friendship

friendship is safety in weakness.
it is not fun and help.
some are friends with all.
some are friends with none.

846 say no to rhyme

my youngest son
is still making fun of me
for not using rhyme in my poems

842 vb93

spectacle is fun but stupid.
her message is not fun but smart.
together they are fun and smart.

791 metamodernism

if modernism and postmodernism
are left alone
they will suck out all the fun out of us

752 my visual art

few times in my life
i made visual art
and it was fun and beautiful
but it was too slow and too much hard work.

i chose to write poetry
because it is fast and easy
and i can often change my mind
and go through hundreds of ideas.

but finally i have found
a way to make visual art
and not be bored by the hard work.
i hope it works out.

visual art is cool
and my kids might like it
more than my poetry.
and i will meet new people.

where is it all going

i am writing these confusing poems
and i do not know
where they are taking me

it is fun and scary

i need to eat less and exercise more
to stay alive long enough
to see the end of it all

lets go to war

theres nothing else to do
we are super bored
those people over there
do not like our food
lets kill them
we need more money
they have it
lets kill them and take it
its easier than
selling them shit
lets go to war
because it is fun
most people
are fucking terrified of war
but fuckem
it is fun for us