1272 ai art

ai will finally
force artists
to fuck around
with technique
and focus
on concepts only.

1227 saturday poem

irena told me
i should
write a poem today.

i said: fuck that,
i will not write poems
on a saturday.

1207 happy 18th birthday sofija

my oldest child
just turned 18.

i hope i did not
fuck it up too much.

and i hope i created
a nice little anarchist
to continue my work forever.

1186 fuck books

just because you
read, own, write, quote a lot of books,
it does not mean you know shit.

books are just a fucking product
made to help you feel smarter than others.
they are a louis vuitton bag.

sure, writing a book
takes a lot of brain effort
but so does masturbating ten times a day.

smart people were much more useful
before books were invented.
they did not need 300 pages to be heard.

if you want to be smart
do not buy things
that make you feel smart.

1155 fuck grammar!

do not let academics, teachers,
business people, and others
take the language from you.
use the language any way you want.

you make the rules, not them.
language is made
by all people for all people.
it can never be controlled by few.

1152 definition of poetry

poetry is
a constant rebellion
against the restriction
of language.

it is an everlasting
fuck you
to anyone saying:
this is how it must be.

1030 i will never

i will never join
your stupid
piece of shit cause.
fuck you!

857 how to be a great writer

do not give a fuck
and do not swear

731 friends

i both love and hate
all my friends
and everyone is my friend
and i do not know
how to turn this intensity down
so fuck it!

serbian freedom fighters

we have been betrayed by the world!
we spent all our lives fighting for freedom
only to be labeled as the enemy we fought.
it makes us think
why the fuck should we bother
when some propagandist can erase
decades of our freedom fighting
with a 2 minute fake news report.
only logical conclusion is that the media
needs dictators
more than it needs freedom fighters.

weekly poetry schedule

monday – pretentious philosophical virtue signaling poems
tuesday – loser kissing ass to celebrities poems
wednesday – moronic poems about toilet paper and shit
thursday – my father died poems
friday – i am sorry i am a shitty poet poems
weekend – fuck poetry

living room poem

the fuck out
of my home
or i will
cut your eyes out!
i am better
than you
and i will rape you!


i can not resent taliban
they are simply
super terrified of death
so they come up
with all these
hopefully pathetic solutions to it
and that is no different
from anyone else i ever met.

except few people who
have the balls to look the death
in the eyes and say
i do not give a fuck.
but they are not taliban.

israel vs palestine

as someone
who grew up
during a ten year
civil war in yugoslavia
i am choosing the side
of people who
do not give a fuck about war
and just want to
play video games and
eat good food and
travel and
go to the beach,
and i am against
the people who
keep fucking this up
with stupid wars.

one more love poem

i want to fuck you so bad
my eyes are leaking acid
and my ass smells like universe

fhack de spel chek

fhack de spel chek
u andrstood mee anyvai

another love poem

you are so sexy
i just want to fuck you up
like a bathtub in morocco
while elephants talk shit
there is nothing that can stop
my love
i love you like no one else
i will fuck you up

advice to graeme for his birthday

maybe i don’t listen to my own advice
but it does not mean i eat mice
do not work so hard
you will end up like a retard
take it easy and build a house block by block
do you know what is huge? it is my door lock
you can not be everything at once
fuck this! i hate rhyme
happy birthday